Quampus is simple, affordable, powerful, and comprehensive

Not just One.. Two... or Three....
Nine reasons why education providers love Quampus

End-to-End Platform

Course Publication, Learner Enrollment, Course Delivery, Scorecard, Certification, Customer Rating, Gateway Integration, Customer Care, Social Media...

Easy to Use and Simple Pricing

Quampus is easy to use despite having extensive features for all situations. Our affordable, transparent, and simple-to-understand pricing gives you unambiguous cost-predictability.

IPR Ownership

All contents, administrator and learner data, usage and analytics data are the Education Provider’s properties unlike in the case of most others. We just own our platform.

Data Privacy and Security

You would love our fanatical approach towards data privacy and data security. For us, it is a way of life. Only you and your authorized users can access your data and services.

Customizable and Configurable

Use white labeling, single sign-on and own gateway integration to strengthen your brand equity. Large organizations can exploit the power of delegation for scalable operations.

Standards Compliance

You can use all standard format contents in Quampus; however, we have decided to stop SCORM and x-API implementation because of decreasing preference by most stakeholders.

Seamless Collaboration

Extensive collaborative tools, email alerts, notifications and reminders are available to make learning and learning delivery process more holistic, effective, and enjoyable.

Not just the Most Powerful LMS

Quampus gives you not only the most powerful Learning Management System (LMS), but also the complete administrative autonomy to manage it the way you want.

Device Independence

Learning services can be managed from and accessed by all kinds of access devices - tablets, phones and laptop/desktops running any popular browser on any OS.

Quampus is a multi-purpose ed-tech delivery tool

Run the entire online education service end-to-end
Deliver short-duration micro-services at lower cost
Supplement classroom coaching or teaching by online resources

Specifically crafted cloud based LMS having unique feature sets for each segment of the ed-tech service industry

Designed for your unique needs

Unique and separate feature sets - for competitive exam coaching, test-prep practice, and skill training segments. Extremely easy to use; it gives you power, flexibility, and control with complete administrative autonomy.

Unlimited free services for brand promotion

Our zero-priced free course delivery mechanism benefits you in building your long-term brand equity. Quampus helps you in growing and maintaining a sustainable business model in the fastest possible time frame.

Consistent high ratings by educators and learners

Our customer reviews have consistently put us at the top level of performance. No other Learning Management System (LMS) powers your ed-tech service infrastructure like Quampus does.

Customizable and white-label ready

Deliver highly customized e-learning courses and multiple other learning services for improved learner success. Our unique white-label solution allows you to deliver your e-learning services through your own brand identity.

Built-in engines for online test and online classes

The built-in online test engine is unimaginably flexible and powerful – can be used inside online courses or separately. The live class engine is powered by Zoom while giving you a choice to use other service providers.

Free full-version no-credit-card plan

The Free Plan allows either a full version trial or completely free use of Quampus cloud LMS for moderate requirements. Our innovative tools and services enable you to deliver the most unique learning solutions for your learners.

Powerful white-label solutions to deliver all your e-learning services - courses, programs, test-series etc. - with your brand identity

Run your entire online education business from your web domain
Use your url, logo, color scheme, and improve your SEO potential

Our customers and their learners are delighted with our robust, feature-rich platform and unparalleled service level - our customer reviews will apprise you why we are amongst the top LMS platforms

Quampus Rating by Learners

Overall Satisfaction

4.7 out of 5.0

Every education service provider that has used Quampus has either generated more profit or reduced cost from day one

Secured content storage with access to authorized users only - also freedom to set up and manage your own video store

  • Up to 50GB of FREE video storage with adaptive video streaming feature.
  • Freedom to set up and manage your own video content store.
  • Expandable content storage for all your document, packaged, audio, and video contents.
  • Download prevention feature for all kinds of streaming contents.
  • No unauthorized access of your video and other contents through publicly available links.
  • Simple mechanism to include external public contents like YouTube videos, Wikipedia pages in your course.

Quampus protects your business from the prying eyes of your competitions

Your courses and learning services do not get displayed in any marketplace except your own only when you decide to display them.
Your learners cannot view, compare, and be distracted by your competitors’ courses and learning services delivered through Quampus.
Your competitors cannot view your courses and learning services on Quampus to refine their own offerings by learning from your experience.

A super-flexible and powerful online test engine

  • An absolute essential for competitive exam coaching and test-prep practice segment
  • A simpler version is available for skill training segment
  • Unlimited question bank size – bulk upload from Word/Excel files
  • Reusable question papers – can be used in multiple courses or as separate test-series
  • Advanced randomization techniques through decision rules
  • Question papers with multiple sections – having questions from different question-banks with different rules
  • Advanced customization tools for question paper display during test or after test
  • Images, Mathematical Equations, Audio and Video capability in questions, answer options and solution
  • Extensive performance analytics – individual performance, group performance, competency analysis, and trend analysis

Freedom to set up and use your own gateway merchant id

  • This gives you full control over your online payment collection.
  • Money comes directly from gateway to your bank account.
  • Reduces delay between actual payment done by learner and receipt of money at your end.
  • Fully automated – handles broken connectivity situation automatically.

Free and fully secured live online Zoom classes for real-time lecture delivery and interaction with learners

  • Available free inside priced and internal courses, nominal charges when used as a separate service.
  • With screen and application sharing, white-board functionality, video play-back, moderator assistance, reverse videos, hand-raise, and other features fully controlled by the teacher.
  • Complete user tracking, attendance, and analytics.
  • Accessible through any device – desktop/laptop, tablet, mobile phones.
  • Booking and cancellation of schedule within few mouse clicks.
  • No link sharing to prevent unauthorized access.
  • No renaming by learners to hide identity.
  • Provision for online class delivery by guest teachers.

"Over its 10+ years of association with Quampus, our coaching center achieved leadership position in its market segment"

Rock solid security to protect your content, data, and business - advanced techniques to prevent sharing of user ids

Instantaneous go-to-market with no capex and low running cost model through our revolutionary Pay-when-you-Earn pricing

  • You get your own cloud LMS, online test, and live class engines to run your online education programs 24 X 7, starting now - in less than 10 minutes.
  • You do not have to invest in server hardware, software, data center or technical resources. Our SaaS model gives you complete freedom from any initial or recurring Capital Investment.
  • Quampus usage charges are levied only when you have enrolled learners in priced or internal services. No usage charges are levied for free services delivered for promotional purpose.
  • No minimum learner commitment and no maximum learner limit. No learners in a month in your priced or internal courses mean no usage charges.

Quampus is the secret gateway to your growth and productivity. Start before others overtake you.

Dedicated relationship manager 24*7*365(6) to help you at every step

  • Available to you from the moment you sign up.
  • Available even if you are the smallest one-person team.
  • To advise, guide, help for any of your requirement related to Quampus or online education in general.
  • To take your additional needs to the product engineering team.
  • This is in addition to the round-the-clock web-based customer-care available to you.

Quampus is happy to provide you on-demand new features

  • Do not fall behind your competitor because of a missing feature ever.
  • Interface with your dedicated relationship manager to articulate your need.
  • Features get developed on no-exclusivity but extra charge basis after getting validated through our product engineering team.

Quampus provides you complete administrative autonomy for all activities

  • You and your designated admin users exercise all administrative control.
  • No Quampus back-office staff can do any administrative task on your behalf.
  • You retain all rights to replace or remove your existing admin users or induct new ones.

Interactive tools to make your e-learning courses interesting and effective for your learners

'Live Classes' for real classroom experience

'Ask-Teacher' for any-time doubt clearance

'Forums' for private in-house discussions

'Mentoring' for timely expert guidance

In-depth analytics for you and your learners

Group Performance

Competency Analysis

Overall Performance

Enrollment Trend

Full ownership and confidentiality of your data and content

Integration with popular third-party applications

Live Classes

Payment Gateways

Secured and Adaptive Video Streaming

Social Media

Our customer-support staff are real human beings, we provide unlimited tech-support to your team and your customers

  • Our customer-support is done by trained, knowledgeable, dedicated, and friendly staff – real human beings and not chatbots.
  • Our customer-support team understand your problems from your perspective and solve them to your satisfaction.
  • Our customer-support team even go to the extent of checking the user’s device through remote support mechanism to identify and solve technical issues whenever required.
  • Quampus provides unlimited web-based support to your team for any issue and unlimited web-based support to your customers for technical issues.

"Thanks to Quampus - thousands of learners access our online courses from 125+ countries across the world"

The core difference between us and others is embedded in the fundamental principles of our business

  • On Quampus, you do not become Quampus instructor or Quampus course provider.
  • Your independence remains as before. Quampus become your service provider only.
  • Most platforms collect money from your customers and pay you your commission.
  • With Quampus, you run your online education activity and pay us for our services.
  • Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) is tricky. Explore from all angles before selecting one.

We are software technologists and education domain experts

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.