The SAFE Method

Basic rules for selecting a cloud LMS platform
Scalability - Accessibility - Feature Base - Ease of Use


Ability of the platform to handle large number of users and processes without compromising performance.

How to check

  • Is it deployed on a popular cloud data center like Azure / AWS / Google / IBM Cloud?
  • Does it handle large number of users? Find out from blogs, data sheets, user reviews, and web site postings.

Why Quampus

Quampus has highly scalable application fabric. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure Data Center. See Technology page.


Ability of the platform to be accessible through any device - PC / Tablet / Mobile Phone - with a consistent UI.

How to check

  • Access the platform from different types of devices.
  • Platforms using responsive design have consistent interface.
  • Mobile apps, if available, should have the same interface.

Why Quampus

Quampus has a responsive design and is accessible from any device. Quampus mobile app version will be launched soon.

Feature Base

Should be having functionalities that you need today and in near future, say next one to two years.

How to check

  • Pick up the business features to check. Learning delivery features will be mostly same across different LMS platforms.
  • Check possibility of handling the scenarios that you face in your current business today.

Why Quampus

Quampus has extensive business functionalities - to cater to single individual enterprises, SMEs, and large organizations.

Ease of Use

Not just stress-free but a pleasant user experience (UEX) is a fundamental pre-requisite.

How to check

  • This is to be experienced instead of checked.
  • UEX is a final result of uncluttered screens, soothing graphics, understandable language, simple and intuitive processes, and unambiguous work-flow.

Why Quampus

Quampus is easy to use. Our customers and their learners have consistently given us high rankings on UEX front.

The FAIL-SAFE Method

The advanced method to uncover the trap-doors and discover the secret of your long-term success

AVOID - Large Upfront Financial Commitment

Rule 1: Freedom - from Large Upfront Commitments. Stay clear of platforms which insist on large sign up amounts.

Platforms which believe in customer lock-in techniques will insist that you make a big financial commitment i.e. pay a big and non-refundable license fee when you sign up. Falling into this trap is like undergoing house-arrest for a considerable period.

Why Quampus

Quampus does not charge hefty sign up fees. Our nominal new member sign-up fees separate a serious customer from a non-serious one.

AVOID - Bulk Purchase of Access Licenses to get Higher Discounts

Rule 2: Alignment - of platform to your business uncertainties. Select the platform which gives you discounts on higher actual usage.

Most platforms give slab-based discounts for bulk purchases of access licenses. So customers end up spending much more if they are unable to anticipate the exact requirement which is generally the norm rather than the exception.

Why Quampus

Quampus is sensitive to your business uncertainties. We give you discounts on higher actual usage, so no bulk purchases on anticipated demand.

AVOID - Partial or Full Loss of Data Ownership

Rule 3: Integrity - in handling your data. Select the platform which ensures that your data remains yours.

Most cloud LMS platforms will offer data encryption for security, adequate data protection and sufficient data storage, but will have partial or full ownership rights of the data on the platform. So your data ends up becoming their products to sell.

Why Quampus

On Quampus, all your learners' data is owned by you. Only the data given by the user in user registration form belong to Quampus.

AVOID - Conflict of Business Interests

Rule 4: Line of separation - between the platform and you. Reject the platform which sells own courses either directly or indirectly.

Many platforms themselves also sell their own courses, either directly in their name or through a subsidiary or through a preferred business partner and allow others to use the platform as a market place. The conflict of interest in this model is very obvious to miss.

Why Quampus

Quampus does not sell any course either directly or indirectly. Our business complements instead of competing against your business.

AVOID - Unfair Revenue Sharing Arrangement

Rule 5: Sensible and fair business practices. Select the platform that is fair to you - who does not share your revenue unless your courses really get sold by their efforts alone.

Most platforms charge hefty percentage commissions when courses running on their platform get sold, irrespective of whether they really played a role in selling the course. In fact, education courses mostly sell on the strength of the education provider alone.

Why Quampus

Quampus does not take revenue-share unless your courses get sold through Quampus site. You pay a flat usage fee only for actual enrollments.

AVOID - Loss of Independent Identity

Rule 6: Acceptability of your independent identity. Select the platform that helps you in reinforcing your brand identity.

Most cloud LMS platforms designate you as their instructor or designate your organization as their course provider. So, while on their platform, you or your organization loose the independent identity that is so vital for your long-term business success.

Why Quampus

Quampus respects your independent identity and provides all white labeling tools to reinforce your brand power.

AVOID - Unfair Promotion of Few

Rule 7: Fairness to all and partial to no customers. Reject the platforms that run favorable promotional campaigns for few courses while competing courses are available on the platform from others.

Some Platforms run unending marketing campaigns to hard-sell few specific courses for various reasons. This has adverse impacts on other competing courses on the platform.

Why Quampus

Quampus does not run favorable promotional campaigns for selected customers. Hence, competing course providers do not have to worry.

AVOID - Compromising Business Functionalities in the name of Simplicity

Rule 8: Easy to do business - not just ease of use. Reject the platform which impresses only by 'ease of use' and ignores 'ease of doing business'.

You need simplicity and you need business functionalities - both, not one at the cost of the other. Many platforms which look simple in the initial few days of trial may have serious business functionality related issues.

Why Quampus

Quampus gives you easy business management tools in addition to being easy to use for your learners as well as your admin staff.

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