Flexible Architecture - allows you to create different types of courses for different types of learners and requirements.

  • Subject Matter Repository: To organize all subject matter contents - study materials, test question bank, assignment repository, practice exercises, and QA bank etc. Subject matter repository accepts contents in all standard formats including packaged contents.
  • Delivery Span: Date-to-date based, Duration based, or Self-Paced
  • Type of course: Priced, Free, or Internal
  • Availability: Public or Private

Enrollment Rules and Methods - make it possible to handle different customer acquisition situations.

  • Enrollment Steps: registration, document submission, selection, fee payment
  • Learner Enrollment Modes: through web site listing, course url, back-end admin
  • Bulk Enrollment Methods: enrollment keys, list based enrollments
  • Guest Enrollments: for full duration or short duration
  • Batch Size: limited or unlimited

E-Commerce Integration - helps you in streamlining money matters.

  • Pricing: in different currencies, installment pattern
  • Promotion: discount codes, promo codes
  • Mode of Payment: online collection, offline recording
  • Accounting Reports: revenue, collection, outstandings

Configurable Course Deliverables - give you full control on how a specific course is to be delivered.

  • Subjects Taught: single, multiple
  • Learning Plan: weekly, no of days based
  • Content Delivery: adaptive streaming for videos, play-back for packaged content, downloads for pdf/doc
  • Learning Tools: tests, assignments, discussions, interactions, practice exercises

Teacher Involvement - gives human touch to the entire exercise and acts as motivational tool.

  • Assignment Review: check, comment and mark assignments submitted
  • Forum Discussion: moderate forums and provide answers
  • Individual Attention: to learners through one-to-one discussions
  • Performance Review and Mentoring: tips and tricks, expert guidance
  • Video Meeting and Chat Sessions: for real-time discussions

Inclusion of Online Tests and Assignments - measures competency achievement and overall learning outcomes.

  • Purpose: practice or examination
  • Access Window: perpetual or time-barred
  • Test Type: fixed question set or randomized questions
  • Attempts: single or multiple for tests, single for assignments
  • Evaluation: computer evaluated (tests), teacher evaluated (assignments), overall score based on score card rules
  • Performance Analytics: individual performance, group performance, competency analysis, performance trend

Also see: Online Tests Decoded

Interactive Tools - make learning experience interesting and effective for learners.

  • Live Classes: real-time audio-video interaction through third-party tools
  • Ask-Teacher: private discussions with designated teacher
  • Forum Discussion: discussions with fellow learners moderated by teacher
  • Chat Sessions: real-time text based interaction between teacher and learners
  • Mentoring: periodic expert guidance by teacher

Communication Tools - keep you and your customers updated at all times.

  • E-mails: on specific event occurence
  • Announcements: notice board, information broadcast
  • Update Logs: on changes to the course mid-way
  • Alerts: activity and event alerts
  • Reports: status and progress

Learner Management Tools - help you to handle your customers in different business and non-business situations.

  • Access Permission: block or unblock learner access
  • Enrollment Extensions: case-to-case or automated, free or priced
  • Withdrawal and Refund: policy, processing, and payout
  • Customer Care and Self-Help: query resolution, trouble-shooting, feature help
  • Feedback Collection: course and teacher ratings, survey data collection

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