Question Bank - allows you to store all your questions.

  • No size limitation: store as many as you want
  • Media Files: in questions, answer options, and solution
  • Type: single correct answer, multiple correct answers, matching, fill-up gaps, yes-no, true-false etc.
  • Extra Properties: difficulty level, estimated time to answer, tags, multiple subject association
  • Special Cases: grouped question capability
  • Data Entry: one-by-one and bulk uploads including media files
  • Edit Capability: editing rules to prevent inconsistency, bulk editing
  • Printing or Data Out: text and image output

Question Paper Bank - keeps repository of question papers to be used as tests in courses or in stand-alone test-series.

  • No size limitation: store as many as you want
  • Type: manually picked questions, randomized questions using decision rules
  • Special Cases: ability to take questions from different question banks
  • Reliability Checks: validity and completeness checks
  • Composition: single section or multi-section
  • Marking Scheme: uniform, non-uniform with or without penalty

Tests - for the learners are the question papers specifically activated for the course or test-series.

  • Type: practice or examination
  • Access Window: perpetual or time-barred
  • Attempts: single or multiple
  • Duration: clock view - elapsed time or balance duration
  • Display Control: questions per page, summary status

Also see: Course Design Fundas

Post Test Review - is available to the learners to view the result summary.

  • Summary Report: marks obtained, correct-incorrect-not attempted status, solution view
  • Display Control: questions per page
  • Performance Analytics: group performance, competency analysis, performance trend
  • Scorecard Integration: based on score card rules

Test Administration Tools - help you to control other aspects of the entire process.

  • Publication: activation or cancellation of a test
  • Order of Display: use default order or modify as needed
  • Learner Intimations: on publication of new or cancellation of existing ones
  • Addition or Removal as Learning Tool: to incorporate modified course delivery policy
  • Grace Marks: manual intervention in borderline cases

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