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Affordable end-to-end cloud LMS to grow your education service

Quampus Cloud LMS solution enables education providers to transition into ed-tech service delivery immediately and effortlessly without any capital investment.

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trusted by brands

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125+ countries

Solution for every education provider

All kinds of educators starting from solo entrepreneurs to startups all the way to large enterprises

Skill trainers; L&D depts.

New skill training, up-skilling, re-skilling - productivity enhancement trainings, compliance trainings, domain-specific functional skill trainings, management development programs, leadership trainings…

Coaching centres

University admission - government/public sector jobs - JEE, BITSAT, NEET, GATE, CAT, UPSC/State Civil Services, CLAT, CA-CPT, IBPS Bank-PO and Clerical, RRB, SSC, other entrance exams - DSE, ISI, JNU, JMI etc....

Test prep companies

International university admissions - globally recognized industry-certifications. GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, PTE... Project Management, Business Analytics, Scrum, Agile, SPS, IFRS, other skill certifications…

Quampus is end-to-end

Everything under one umbrella to help in each stage of the education provider's process workflow

Course Publication
Live Classes
Course Delivery
Report Card
Online Assessments
Learner Re-engagement
Customer Care
Social Media
Learner Ratings

Dedicated relationship manager to help you at every step

Direct online payments

No intermediary to delay your payments from the gateway

Full administrative autonomy

Manage every admin activity without any external control

Complete process automation

Improve efficiency and effectiveness while reducing cost

Content security and protection

Comprehensive security for content, data, and business

Independent content storage

Additional protection for interested education providers

Multi-role team members

For ease-of-use, effective collaboration, and scalable operation

High quality courses with or without live classes

Different types of study material (docs, slides, audio, video, links), quizzes, tests (multiple choice, negative marking, images, equations), assignments, live classes powered by Zoom, attendance tracking, ask-teacher, moderated forums, feedback, performance reports and analytics, announcements, notifications...  know more

Simple or sophisticated online tests

Unlimited question bank size, reusable question papers, direct import from Excel or Word, advanced randomization techniques, passage based questions, negative marking, multiple sections, advanced customization tools, capability to use image, equation, audio and video in questions, answer options and solution…  know more

Wide range of teaching and admin tools

Assignment checking, addressing learner queries, forum moderation, learner performance analytics, reusable subject matter repository, configurable assessment tools, multiple admin roles with different access levels, multiple ways to enroll (individual, bulk, distributed), customer invoicing, accounts statements...  know more

Comprehensive security framework

Content, data, and business security, protection from competition, content download prevention, content link sharing prevention, detection of user id sharing, non-sharing of data with 3rd parties, content IP rights ownership, geo-redundant back-up, fault tolerance...  know more

Exhaustive array of reports and analytics

User reports, admin reports, learner performance, learner attendance, comprehensive activity summary, class performance, trend analysis, competency analysis, enrollment details, enrollment pattern, market trend, learner feedback, teacher rating, course rating, payment and invoice details, account statement…  know more

Branded portal for your learners

Run your ed-tech service through your own web portal or mobile apps. Use your url, logo, and color scheme to improve SEO rating. Establish or improve your own brand identity for long term benefits.

Run your entire online education business from your web domain
Use your url, logo, color scheme, and improve your SEO potential

Quampus has helped many education providers grow fast

“IZenBridge could establish its presence in more than 40 different countries and increase its learner base exponentially in a short period of two years by using Quampus. We could also diversify into multiple verticals because of the ease of use.”

Saket Bansal

Director, IZenBridge

“Ecopoint could increase its learner base multiple times by using Quampus while expanding the reach to the entire country in a very short span without facing any customer service issues and any technology scalability problems.”

Nishant Mehra

CEO, Ecopoint

“Quampus team works positively on feedbacks and is always ready to help when you face any technical or non-technical challenges. Many times, they have gone out of the way to provide support to us, and it has helped us to grow in challenging times.”

Kevin Kutto

Head, Designgekz

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Highly rated by learners

Rating of 4.6 stars

4.7 rating across user friendliness, layout, speed of operation, and platform features

“It is straight forward and user friendly, also well organised.”

Funmi Aladesoun

Milton Keynes, UK

“Quampus support team is quite fast in responding and the platform itself is quite user friendly.”

Nitin Gupta

New Delhi, India

“Quampus is very simple easy to use. I found all screens using the right mix of content and information.”

D. Vidyasagar

Sanford, Florida, US

“Its very effective as far as learning and grasping are concerned. Good job!!”

Isha Barak

New Delhi, India

Pay When You Earn

Free plan for limited use and pay when you earn for unlimited use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to deliver online courses and have your study material contents ready, then you can start immediately. Of course, you may take around 30 minutes to 2 hours initially to learn how to use Quampus. New content development may take few days to months. You can even purchase good quality content.

If your goal is just to start with online tests, then you need to have your question bank data to start immediately. Again, the starting investment time is as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Following are the types of pricing models prevalent in the industry:

  • User License Model: In this model, you purchase a certain number of user licenses in advance. Every license allows a user to access a course for the calendar month. So, more learners mean more licenses and longer access means more licenses. Licenses are always sold in slabs. Higher off-take means lower rate. If you over-estimate your requirement, you will have unused licenses and if you under-estimate the requirement, you purchase at higher price slab. If yours is a business situation, you know that it is impossible to get correct demand estimate. Users getting enrolled for partial period of a month do not give you any advantage.

    This model has similarity with retail discount sale situations where the item you want to buy has no discount, but you buy unnecessary items which are being sold at higher discounts. In personal purchase situations, it may look fine; but in business situation it is not. Quampus has no concept of advance license purchase.

  • Revenue Share Model: This works for priced courses. Those who offer this also have user-license model on the side for delivering course which are not priced. Some platforms charge very high revenue share if the course gets sold through them and less revenue share if you yourself sell the course. But remember, most learners end up buying your course through the platform than through you (because the platform generally gets higher visibility and higher SEO ranking when learners search for courses) and you end up sacrificing higher revenue share. Also, if your course commands higher price, you lose more revenue share in absolute terms. This model works good for very low-priced courses.
  • Fixed Monthly Charge Model: While the previous two models are genuine having their pluses and minuses, this model can get an award for its sheer ability to obfuscate while looking like the best one. This model gives the impression that whether you have one or thousands of learners, you just pay a flat monthly charge. But, most platforms who operate on this philosophy keep a data download limit (called bandwidth by some) beyond which you are charged.

    Because most course providers use videos as the main content and a 10-minute HD video can be easily 800MB to 1 GB size, you will easily cross download limits many times over just with very few learners. Since you do not control how many times the videos are seen by the learners (you can set limits here but that will create another problem – either learner dissatisfaction or calls from learners to remove limits), your cost becomes unpredictable and very high. This pricing model has the potential of putting your business at severe risk.

Quampus pricing model is based on the philosophy of cost predictability, price stability, and implemented through the Pay-when-you-Earn approach. You know the cost upfront, price remains firm (theoretically till you renew your agreement with Quampus, but practically for very long time unless some unforeseen input cost escalation forces us for price revision), and you do not have to commit a volume of use to get better usage rate. And, when you deliver free courses or services to any number of learners, there are no extra charges (no bandwidth or data limits whatsoever). So, you pay us only when you earn through priced or internal courses or services.

Quampus is affordable, its pricing is transparent, and it has no hidden costs. You get lower rates on actual higher usage. Our pricing is straight-forward. When you earn, we earn. When you do not, we do not. We have been calling it Pay-when-you-Earn. If you get a platform having a better pricing philosophy, they deserve to get you as a customer, not us.

First, let us be clear what we mean by Quampus services. When your learners enroll in your courses or your other learning services, you use Quampus services. Similarly, when you enhance your storage limits or you renew/extend your Knowledge Partner Membership, you use Quampus services.

To use Quampus services, either you should have a credit balance with us, or you should have a credit limit from us. You create a credit balance by paying us in advance.

If you want to use Quampus services without making advance payments, you need to take a credit limit approval from us. After a credit limit has been set for you, you can avail Quampus services up to that limit. We generate our invoices in the beginning of a calendar month for services delivered in the previous calendar month. You will have to pay on or within the payment due date to settle the invoice and to continue using the credit limit. Please note that granting a credit limit is completely under the discretion of Quampus.

If you do not get a credit limit approval from us, you need to pay us in advance to use Quampus services.

Quampus is content agnostic i.e. it can accept any/most types of e-content or e-learning content. In addition to accepting pdf, swf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx, avi, wav, jpg, flv, mp3, mp4, html Quampus also accepts packaged contents created through Authoring Tools like Articulate, Captivate, and Camtasia etc. If your contents are not in these formats, you need to convert them. Conversion is not difficult. You can contact your local IT service providers for the same or you can contact us for all your content related work. We can train your people to create in-house contents or we can take up content development as an outsourced activity at reasonable rates.

Yes. We have a content development group which helps our customers in preparing SCORM compliant as well as non-SCORM compliant e-learning content. This service is competitively priced.

This question and its answer are meant for our customers from India only. And the answer is ‘No’. If you want to use a different GST Number, you will have to contact us.

Currently no. We plan to introduce this feature in future.

Yes. Please select and sign up for the Free Plan which does not ask you for any future financial commitment. It has all the features of the complete cloud LMS platform, the only restrictions being the number of courses and number of learners - more than sufficient for any moderate user. You may continue using this plan or change to a priced plan whenever the need arises.

Yes, our cloud service provider has elaborate scheme for providing high level of fault tolerance.

You can use 'Help' links for feature related help. You can raise a customer care query through the 'Customer Care' link. We normally respond within 24 hours. We provide unlimited web based support.

Got more questions? View detailed FAQs.

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