Instant Setup

You get your own cloud LMS, Online Test, and Live Class Engines to run your online education programs 24 X 7, starting NOW - in less than 10 minutes.

No Capital Investment

You do not have to invest in server hardware, software, data center and technical resources. Our SaaS model gives you complete freedom from any Capital Investment.

Minimum Requirement

You need only a broadband connection and an access device at your end, the same applies for your team members and learners too. Simple is powerful.

Live Online Classes

You can choose to conduct Live Online Classes using our seamless Zoom integration service or any other third-party service for highly effective interactive sessions and discussions.

Versatile Online Test Engine

Quampus Exclusive

Along with the LMS, you also get the most versatile and comprehensive Online Test Engine. Online tests can be either part of e-learning courses or a separate revenue generating service.


Quampus Exclusive

Quampus usage charges are levied only when you have enrolled learners in priced or internal services. No usage charges are levied for free services delivered for promotional purpose.

Integrated E-commerce

Quampus Exclusive

Quampus is fully e-commerce enabled allowing you control over price setting, installment patterns, multi-currency operation, promo codes, bulk selling, selling through partners etc.

Unlimited Free Support

Quampus Exclusive

You get unlimited web-based support for your team members and unlimited web-based technical support for all your customers, freeing you to focus on your contents and business operation.

Own Branding

Quampus Exclusive

You can use our white-label features to personalize your LMS deployment - with your URL, logo, marketplace, and color scheme. It is your digital campus after all.

No Exit Barrier

Quampus Exclusive

You have no exit barriers or lock-in clauses - you can quit anytime your needs are not met by Quampus. We extend the same freedom to others that we love to get for ourselves.

We are software technologists and education domain experts

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.