What is e-learning?

As per Wikipedia: E-learning is essentially the computer and network enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning refers to using electronic applications and processes to learn. E-learning applications and processes include web-based learning, computer-based learning, live classes and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via the Internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM. It can be self paced or instructor led and includes media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio.

What is Quampus?

Quampus is an e-learning platform used by learning providers to deliver e-learning services to learners without building and operating their own software. Quampus is delivered in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode - meaning that the learning provider does not have to install, host, manage and maintain it at all. All they need is to sign up as a Knowledge Partner and start using it over internet.

Can non-technical persons use Quampus to deliver e-learning programs?

Any person who knows how to use Internet can use Quampus. For a learning provider, it takes around 2 hours to learn how to use Quampus.

Our learners never used e-learning before. Can they use Quampus?

For a learner, it takes few minutes to learn how to use Quampus.

Which is better: e-learning or traditional class room learning?

Frankly speaking, there is no substitute to classroom learning. E-learning is recommended either as a supplement or complement to classroom learning or in situations where classroom learning cannot be availed.

We want to deliver e-learning services. How long will take us to start delivering e-learning using Quampus?

If you want to deliver online courses and have your study material contents ready, then you can start immediately. Of course, you may take around 30 minutes to 2 hours initially to learn how to use Quampus. New content development may take few days to months. You can even purchase good quality content.

If your goal is just to start with online tests, then you need to have your question bank data to start immediately. Again, the starting investment time is as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

What kind of computer infrastructure is required to use Quampus?

Admin users of Learning Providers need normal PC/laptop running Windows/Linux/Mac OS capable of browsing the web and storing and playing the content files along with broadband internet connection. Learners will require any device (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile) and internet connection to access your learning services.

What software are required to be installed in our computers to run Quampus?

Internet Explorer is no longer supported!

Quampus is currently tested to run on the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Always remember to have the latest version of your browser. Your browser must have Java Scripts enabled. There may not be difficulty in running on other browsers, but Quampus is not tested on them.

App based deployment (on popular platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS) of Quampus is a feature to be released in future.

What kind of IT manpower does an organization need to start e-learning business or activity on Quampus?

None. You do not need IT resources for conducting e-learning through Quampus. For content creation, you may need IT resources unless your teaching staff is trained on content development.

What kind of internet connection is needed?

For learners as well as e-learning providers, a good broadband connection is a must. The more the bandwidth, the better.

How do we get started on Quampus to start our e-learning delivery?

Please follow the instructions in the pricing page of Quampus web site to sign up as a Knowledge Partner (KP). Signing up process takes not more than 5 minutes. After signing up, you get access to all admin controls. Use appropriate admin functionality to start your e-learning delivery. You may take the help of help.quampus.com to figure out and manage all admin activities.

Can we run Quampus on our server?

No. Quampus is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based deployment. If you are a Learning Provider, you just create your Knowledge Partner account by visiting Quampus site and get all tools and processes to run your online education business or activity over the internet.

How do we handle if any learner has technical difficulty in accessing the e-learning service?

The learner can use 'Customer Care' utility to register the technical problem and we will address the technical queries of the learner. Non-technical queries and queries related to your e-learning services are to be handled by you. 'Customer Care' queries related to your services will be automatically directed to you.

Can we get the usage and performance details of our learners? Do you give analysis of the learner's performance?

Yes. Quampus gives extensive analytics to analyze the performance of the learners. Most analyses are also available to the learner for self-evaluation purpose.

Assuming that we are interested in delivering priced services, how do our learners pay for our services?

They can use the default payment gateway of Quampus or your gateway if it has been set up by you in Quampus or make payment by electronic fund transfer or other offline methods. We do charge a percentage of the collected amount as our service charge if you allow your learners to use Quampus default gateway. Quampus gateway can be used only if your declared location is in India.

Can we collect through our merchant id by integrating it with Quampus? That way we get the payment from our customers into our bank account directly.

Yes, if you have a merchant id with specific payment gateways with which Quampus is integrated (check in Quampus site), you can configure your merchant id in Quampus. That way you get the money collected through the gateway directly from the gateway to your bank account.

Our students may not prefer online payment. How will we collect money if we use Quampus?

You can use off-line payment collection methods to keep track of payment collections.

Can we do differential pricing for different groups of learners?

Yes. There are multiple modes of enrollments which can allow you to do this.

We have franchisees and resellers who sell our courses for us. Can we offer discounts to them to sell our courses?

Yes, you can generate Enrollment Keys for them and bill these at whatever price you want. They will in turn sell these keys to learners who can enroll in your courses without making any payments to you. Alternatively, you can allow them to generate enrollment keys at prices set by you for them by either taking advance payments or setting credit limits. The difference in the buying and selling price for these keys will be the margin earned by your franchisees or resellers.

Can an individual teacher sign up and offer e-tutoring services through Quampus?

Yes. Individual teachers can get the same functionalities and power that a larger organization gets.

Our programs are long duration, and our students normally pay through installments. Can we set up installment payment pattern?

Yes, you can set up installment patterns for your long duration priced services.

We know some payment gateways allow installment payment patterns. In what way that differs from the installment payment feature available in Quampus?

When the gateway provides installment payment feature, they do it through specific banks or financial institutions. In such case, the full payment is paid to you and the bank or financial institution breaks up the payment from the customer into installment payment pattern based on the customer’s credit rating and the interest rate applicable. Subsequently, they collect the monthly installments from the customer by using their own payment collection processes. The benefit for you is that you get your entire payment upfront. The bank/financial institution acts as a financing agency for the customer.

When you use the installment payment mechanism available in Quampus, you are collecting money from your customer in smaller chunks. If the customer does not pay the next installment before the due date, the learning service delivered by you gets blocked automatically. In this case, if a customer does not want to pay further after a certain number of payments, there is no loss of credit rating. The customer just does not get to access the balance part of the learning service.

Can we use Quampus as an extra tool for our classroom students? Do others use Quampus like this also?

Quampus can be used as a supplement to your classroom education. You can upload prefabricated content (lectures, videos, study materials in text and other formats) for your students thereby freeing your teaching resources to do more important and creative activities. Activities like assignment submissions and checking, forum discussions, on-line tests etc. can be done through Quampus. Also, you can view various analytical reports on learner performance.

This will reduce your cost of managing classroom resources and free up your best teachers to handle more students.

There are Knowledge Partners on Quampus who are using Quampus like this for their classroom learners and deriving maximum benefits.

Our learners are from companies to whom we give a consolidated bill after we conduct our training services. How will all the learners enroll without making payment in our priced learning services?

Generate enrollment keys for your enterprise customers who will distribute these to their employees. Employees will use the keys to enroll obviating the need for making a payment at the time of enrollment.

Alternatively, get a list of email ids of prospective learners and enroll them in bulk by using appropriate admin tools provided in Quampus. Bill your enterprise customers separately.

Can we publish different training courses for different categories of people - based on functional roles and/or level in the organization?

Yes, you can specify attributes to users in internal user directory and mention these attributes while publishing learning services. This way, access permissions will automatically be set between specific courses and their intended users. Permitted users will have to enroll in these courses to get access though.

Does Quampus have mechanism for self-paced e-learning delivery?

Yes, program manager can set up appropriate learning plan to permit self-paced e-learning delivery. However, each learning service will have a specific duration and unless the enrollment is extended by the program manager, the learner will have to complete all activities within the specified period.

We are a multi-location company and have multiple training managers. Can there be division of work done amongst them so that each handles a specific kind of training?

Yes, Quampus has multiple admin roles which can be assigned to different users and multiple users can be assigned to any specific admin role.

Do we get comprehensive reports about our employees' learning progress?

Yes. You will have to access all reports through your User Id.

How do we conduct examinations? Does Quampus offer a solution?

Quampus does not conduct examinations by providing supervised conditions like examination halls and invigilators. However, you can create supervised examination conditions and use Quampus to conduct examinations by utilizing the online test features of Quampus.

We have study centers spread out across a large geography. How do our study centers get benefited if we start using Quampus?

Your study centers are primarily contact points for students. By using Quampus you can uniformly deliver the same standard of learning content to everybody and ensure each student gets the attention of the best of teaching resources from the headquarters. In case your local teaching resources are of very good quality, they can assist students from other locations because Quampus makes the geographical distance irrelevant. Since all these can enhance your service delivery quality, you can get more students attracted to you.

How will you train our teachers/professors in using Quampus if we implement Quampus?

We have extensive online helps which can be used by your admin users (including teachers) to self-train themselves. Apart from this, we do conduct one free training for all Unlimited Plan Knowledge Partners (Learning Providers) - either in our training center or through remote mechanism. Subsequent trainings, if required, can be conducted on chargeable basis.

Can Quampus automatically detect which of the learners need attention from the teachers?

Yes, but you need to provide rules of identification of such learners.

Does Quampus have methodologies to generate score card for each learner based on the test and assignment result?

Yes, Quampus has score card generation mechanism which can consolidate learner performance in various tasks as per chosen rules and weights associated with each performance parameter. The final score can be moderated by admin before they are interpreted through a grade computation rule for final grade computation. The final certification engine, if used, can take the grade card for certification purpose.

If a learner fails getting certification because of poor results in assessments, can he/she re-enroll?

Yes, you need to switch on re-enrollment setting in the service to enable the learner to re-enroll by using the existing User Id.

We have technical staff having expertise in building and operating a LMS (Learning Management System). In what way Quampus will offer a superior solution to our learning delivery needs?

If your technical staff has capability to develop software application and manage it through its entire life cycle, then you may think of obtaining or developing a LMS and building all associated software around it. Quampus SaaS mode is useful only when you want a ready-made, configurable, always available and maintenance free e-learning service delivery and monetization platform (a Cloud Campus) without the hassles of building your own software application, server management, hosting, continuous upgradation, maintenance etc. The state-of-the-art learning delivery features available in Quampus which get continuously upgraded provide your learners the most effective learning environment all the time leaving your administrators and teachers to have ample time to develop or acquire the best pedagogical resources.

We want to keep our courses/learning services open for enrollment for as long as possible. Does Quampus allow this and do we have to pay for it?

Of course, you can keep the enrollment window open as wide as it is needed, so long as the enrollment end date and time of any learner does not exceed your membership plan validity period. The platform will guide you to keep the enrollment window open till the maximum date and time permitted. If required, you can renew your membership plan to extend its validity period further to widen the enrollment window.

Does Quampus charge a sales commission when our courses/learning services get sold?

No, not at this moment. In future, we will charge a sales commission if the learning service is sold through Quampus marketplace. When such a policy is put in place, it will still be possible for you to avoid our sales commission by white labeling your own offering and using your own marketplace to sell your courses/learning services.

How does Quampus promote our courses/learning services to prospective learners?

We do not promote anybody’s course or learning service. Just imagine, if we promote a course from your competitor who is also on Quampus, you will not like it because it may impact your sales. Those who do it, do a disservice to their customers.

How does Quampus ensure that our learners do not cross over to our competitors when our competitors also use Quampus platform?

The nature of online learning services makes them substantially different from one learning provider to another because they are services and not products. In case of packaged products users get tempted to look at cheaper sources. So, even if your competition is using Quampus, there is negligible chance that some of your learners will cross-over to them. If your learners really want to find out about your competition’s service offerings, they would use Google or any other search engine to find out everything about them, which they would have anyway done before selecting your courses/services.

You may use the white-label mode of Quampus to restrict your customers to view only your services in the marketplace.

Can we run a course having duration of few hours?

No, the minimum duration that a course can have is one day. In fact, it is not advisable to have a course of few hours duration as it defeats the purpose of online education.

How do we give extra time to learners to finish the course/learning service?

By using the enrollment extension feature, which can automate the entire process of granting extensions on demand and with both free and paid mode as per your decision.

Enrollment extension on a case-by-case basis can also be done.

Can a learner re-enroll in the course/learning service?


Can we have as many free courses/learning services as we want or Quampus imposes some limitations?

You can make as many free courses as you want, there are no restrictions.

Can Quampus staff suspend our course enrollments?

Yes, only in exceptional situation when you violate our terms and conditions.

We want to give free life-time access of our contents to learners after they complete their course enrollment period. Is it possible in Quampus?

There are two angles inherent in the answer to this question – cost angle and legal angle.

Let us start with the simpler one – the cost angle. We will start with a very hard statement while attempting to answer this. When you design, produce, and run your own platform software you can always decide to give something free to anybody for any length of time irrespective of the cost associated with it. What we mean is that any service delivery whether priced or free, costs money to the service provider. But at times, certain services are delivered free to get traction for the other services – mostly paid services. In this situation, life-time free content access after completion of the main service delivery (for example, the course delivery) is going to impose life-time indeterminate cost which is not a prudent commercial decision. One can still go ahead with this strategy knowing that very few people will avail this while it creates a good perception in the mind of the customers while purchasing the service.

In some geographies, where users do not generally share their user credentials with others – one can assume that misuse of this gesture will be limited thereby limiting the cost. The same cannot be assumed in the case of geographies where sharing of user credentials is more endemic.

Now, let us come to the legal angle. Life-time free content access commitment is legally a noose around your neck. If you commit it while making the sale, you must honor it for indefinite period irrespective of whether your business plans change in future, or whether you stay in or exit out of this business. Out of your millions of customers, if just a handful take you to a court of law for any deficiency of service, you will have to fight it out while being fully aware that you are not gaining any money commercially out of the delivery of such services. In other words, you have no stake in this mode of business while you have all the responsibilities for an indefinite period.

Some platforms attract education providers by promising this. Either their legal team has not really deliberated on the long-term impact of this, or they just ignore the future pitfalls for a better today. In either case, you get entangled in this misadventure unintentionally for something the platform positions as a customer attraction strategy – while in practice, it is a sure-shot future problem in the making.

We do not have this policy, so it is not possible in Quampus.

Since Quampus is a self-service platform, do we have to depend only on your customer care team to address our queries?

No, every customer of ours has a dedicated relationship manager assigned to them, whose responsibility is to provide help for all issues including those which are beyond the purview of the customer care team. Customer care is meant for your mundane and day-to-day problems, which are handled by any available customer care team member. Relationship manager is like your points-person inside Quampus.

What happens when a feature we badly need to compete against our competitors is not available in Quampus?

We do on-demand feature development at no extra cost. But remember – there may be ways inside Quampus to handle a particular situation which you feel can only be done by a newly developed feature. In such case, your relationship manager, with the help of our product management team, will appraise you about which existing methods in Quampus can handle your need. But, if it has to be done through a new feature, then the product engineering team will interface with you to produce it on no-exclusivity-no-extra-payment basis.

We are not fond of Zoom which is the default service provider used in Quampus. Can we use our preferred service provider for online classes/webinars?

While we will be bringing in other webinar providers into our default list of offering – if you do not find your choice in the list, you can use the open class option to use a service provider of your choice. But in such a situation, while you can deliver the online class/webinar seamlessly from within Quampus, some report and analysis data may not be available to you. 

How much investment do we have to make if we decide to use Quampus?

First, there is no one-time big capital investment required if you decide to use Quampus. You will use Quampus in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode and pay us for the usage only. In SaaS mode, you just use the platform, and we handle data center hosting, software maintenance, new feature development, disaster management, back-up, security, scaling, technical support to you and your customers etc. Our pricing model is known as Pay-when-you-Earn. For details about pricing plans, please visit the pricing page of our web site.

We are just starting business and have a small number of learners. Is Quampus a financially viable option for us?

Quampus does not impose a restriction on either minimum or maximum number of learners. Quampus usage charges levied on you are directly proportional to the number of learners. In fact, if you are starting your e-learning business (for external customers) or e-learning delivery for internal learners, employees etc. no other platform will give you the financial freedom that Quampus offers.

Do we have full freedom to do our end-user pricing (i.e. pricing to learners) or Quampus has to approve it?

You have full freedom to decide what pricing you will charge to your customers. You do not need any approval from Quampus.

What will be the cost of content development? Is that not a technical activity? We are education providers after all and are not experts in technology.

Content development effort need to be evaluated on a case-to-case basis and then only an estimate of the cost can be done. Many kinds of content development can be done by teachers, trainers themselves with a little bit of training in usage of appropriate content authoring tools. You may find this link helpful to get an idea on content development.

We find Quampus pricing to be on the higher side slightly, whereas Quampus claims that it is affordable. What is the catch?

We admit that we are not the cheapest; the best CANNOT be the cheapest after all. But we are certainly affordable. We give you the best value for money, because we have no hidden charges, and you know everything upfront. Also, our pricing plans do not put you in a dilemma, as to what to select and what not to select. It is straight forward. In most platforms, the pricing page hides more information than it discloses, whereas we are completely transparent.

How does the Quampus pricing model compare against pricing models followed by others?

Following are the types of pricing models prevalent in the industry:

  • User License Model: In this model, you purchase a certain number of user licenses in advance. Every license allows a user to access a course for the calendar month. So, more learners mean more licenses and longer access means more licenses. Licenses are always sold in slabs. Higher off-take means lower rate. If you over-estimate your requirement, you will have unused licenses and if you under-estimate the requirement, you purchase at higher price slab. If yours is a business situation, you know that it is impossible to get correct demand estimate. Users getting enrolled for partial period of a month do not give you any advantage.

    This model has similarity with retail discount sale situations where the item you want to buy has no discount, but you buy unnecessary items which are being sold at higher discounts. In personal purchase situations, it may look fine; but in business situation it is not. Quampus has no concept of advance license purchase.

  • Revenue Share Model: This works for priced courses. Those who offer this also have user-license model on the side for delivering course which are not priced. Some platforms charge very high revenue share if the course gets sold through them and less revenue share if you yourself sell the course. But remember, most learners end up buying your course through the platform than through you (because the platform generally gets higher visibility and higher SEO ranking when learners search for courses) and you end up sacrificing higher revenue share. Also, if your course commands higher price, you lose more revenue share in absolute terms. This model works good for very low-priced courses.
  • Fixed Monthly Charge Model: While the previous two models are genuine having their pluses and minuses, this model can get an award for its sheer ability to obfuscate while looking like the best one. This model gives the impression that whether you have one or thousands of learners, you just pay a flat monthly charge. But, most platforms who operate on this philosophy keep a data download limit (called bandwidth by some) beyond which you are charged.

    Because most course providers use videos as the main content and a 10-minute HD video can be easily 800MB to 1 GB size, you will easily cross download limits many times over just with very few learners. Since you do not control how many times the videos are seen by the learners (you can set limits here but that will create another problem – either learner dissatisfaction or calls from learners to remove limits), your cost becomes unpredictable and very high. This pricing model has the potential of putting your business at severe risk.

Quampus pricing model is based on the philosophy of cost predictability, price stability, and implemented through the Pay-when-you-Earn approach. You know the cost upfront, price remains firm (theoretically till you renew your agreement with Quampus, but practically for very long time unless some unforeseen input cost escalation forces us for price revision), and you do not have to commit a volume of use to get better usage rate. And, when you deliver free courses or services to any number of learners, there are no extra charges (no bandwidth or data limits whatsoever). So, you pay us only when you earn through priced or internal courses or services.

Quampus is affordable, its pricing is transparent, and it has no hidden costs. You get lower rates on actual higher usage. Our pricing is straight-forward. When you earn, we earn. When you do not, we do not. We have been calling it Pay-when-you-Earn. If you get a platform having a better pricing philosophy, they deserve to get you as a customer, not us.

What is the hidden intent behind Quampus not charging for free courses or services?

As we have been saying, Quampus does not charge usage charges for your free courses/services. You can have as many courses/services having as many learners as possible in them. You can use this policy of ours to attract leaners to your paid courses. You may ask – does it not cost us to deliver free courses/services like it does for priced and internal ones? The answer is yes, it does cost us to give you this kind of a service. But one must understand why it is done. This policy helps you get more learners to your priced courses/services, which makes you (and hence us) earn money.

We have seen some platforms putting limitations on number of teachers thereby charging extra for additional teachers. How about Quampus?

Quampus does not have artificial limitations like maximum number of teachers etc. Quampus charges are directly proportional to money paying or internally enrolled learners and not dependent on any other artificially created constraints. After all, if you want to engage more teachers each handling smaller number of learners, it is your delivery model. It does not increase our cost.

Some platforms claim to be giving unlimited storage; why are you charging extra for storage beyond complementary limits?

Yes, some platforms claim that they give unlimited storage. Have you seen Google or Microsoft or Drop Box giving unlimited storage? Are the platforms claiming to be giving unlimited storage bigger than these names? No. These platforms claiming to offer unlimited storage feel that you will fall for the trick anticipating that you will anyway not consume much storage. You must look at the fine prints of their agreements which they can modify anytime without your concurrence, which is not the case in Quampus. Quampus clearly tells you what complementary storage you get and what you pay for extra. Most of our customers do not exceed the complementary limits. But if they do, the extra storage is so affordable and so miniscule that it has never been a point of discussion.

Do we have to pay Quampus in advance for availing Quampus services?

First, let us be clear what we mean by Quampus services. When your learners enroll in your courses or your other learning services, you use Quampus services. Similarly, when you enhance your storage limits or you renew/extend your Knowledge Partner Membership, you use Quampus services.

To use Quampus services, either you should have a credit balance with us, or you should have a credit limit from us. You create a credit balance by paying us in advance.

If you want to use Quampus services without making advance payments, you need to take a credit limit approval from us. After a credit limit has been set for you, you can avail Quampus services up to that limit. We generate our invoices in the beginning of a calendar month for services delivered in the previous calendar month. You will have to pay on or within the payment due date to settle the invoice and to continue using the credit limit. Please note that granting a credit limit is completely under the discretion of Quampus.

If you do not get a credit limit approval from us, you need to pay us in advance to use Quampus services.

What if we exhaust the credit limit because we get more learners than we anticipated?

You can recharge your account online for immediately addressing this issue or request us for credit limit enhancement.

If our learners are paying through Quampus gateway, do we still need to pay you in advance?

No, except in the unusual circumstance of your pricing to your learners being less that our price to you.

Do you not charge a revenue share for the priced courses we deliver using Quampus?

No, our current pricing method is not based on revenue share, it is based on a flat usage charge rate. This method is beneficial to you, because you do not have to share extra money with us if your courses sell for higher prices because of your brand value or the quality of your services or your sales efforts. And since you pay us only for priced and internal courses/services and not for free ones, your cost is always under your control.

Your site talks about a pricing rate irrespective of the number of learners. How is it that somebody like us who has many learners most of the time pays at the same rate as any other small course provider?

If you have more than 500 learners per month, please contact our sales team – they will work out a special pricing for your need based on your volume commitment.

We read somewhere in your pricing page that usage charges get split among multiple months when the learner enrollment spreads among multiple months. Can you elaborate on this?

This is designed to make your cash out-flow smaller and manageable by spreading it across the service duration. So, if you are running 6-month long courses/services, your total cost is spread across 6 months instead of becoming a one-time full payment. This is assuming that you have a credit-limit approval from us.

Does Quampus reverse the usage charges when a learner withdraws from a course/learning service, or we terminate the enrollment?

Yes, this is one of our USPs (Unique Selling Proposition). Reversals are proportionate to the amount of time left in the course.

How do we get a credit limit from Quampus?

You need to contact us. Credit limit grant is fully under our discretion.

Can a credit limit granted to us be unilaterally revoked by Quampus?

Yes, if you do not honor payment commitments or if we arrive at the conclusion through our own internal process that your creditworthiness has gone down.

What happens when our credit balance and credit limit get depleted?

The immediate solution is to recharge your account, otherwise enrollments and other services may be refused by the system.

How do we handle the situation when a learner is trying to enroll, and the system refuses the enrollment because of depleted credit balance and credit limit?

Just recharge your account online. Offline recharges (EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer or Cheque/Demand Draft payment modes) may take time to be registered in the system.

When we renew the plan and in case the Quampus usage charge rates have changed, will our old enrollments be charged at the new rates?

Old enrollments would have already generated usage charges for corresponding months based on enrollment duration, they will not be affected. All new enrollments and other service activations will be calculated as per new rates.

When we renew the plan and in case the Quampus usage charge rates have changed, will the new rates be applicable from the current membership end date or immediately?


How do you ensure that the usage rates do not change during our membership period? Our end-user pricings are based on what Quampus charges us.

After your Knowledge Partner Membership Plan is active, all prices applicable to you remain unchanged even if we make changes to our pricing for all new customers. This is valid till you renew your membership plan, when new prices may be applicable, in case we have changed our pricing for all.

Let us say, we enroll some users by mistake. Can we cancel the enrollments so that we do not end up paying the usage charges?

You can terminate the enrollments. In such cases, usage charges for the balance duration will be reversed in the system.

Some of our learners may not access the course/learning service for extended durations. Do you still charge the usage charges for the full enrollment period?

Our usage charges are based on enrollment duration. So, there are no concessions for not utilizing the service during the enrollment.

We increased the storage and paid the charges. Now, we realize that we do not need some part of this enhanced storage. Can we trim the storage?

We allow trimming the extra storage only during membership plan renewals.

Can we change the PAN/TFN/Income Tax Number in our Quampus account profile?

No. In case of different PAN/Tax File Number/Income Tax Id, we recommend a new account to be taken.

Why do you need our PAN/TFN/Income Tax Number to create a Knowledge Partner account in Quampus? Is it not violating the confidentiality of this information?

This information remains private and confidential in our system. It shows up only in your profile and in the tax invoice. We ask for it because as per Government mandate, we need to show it in the tax invoice. In India, it is called PAN (Permanent Account Number), in some countries it is called TFN (Tax File Number). Whatever name it is called, it is used by organizations and individuals to file their income tax returns every year, and that is the number our system needs. In case of usage of wrong PAN/TFN/Income Tax Number, your Knowledge Partner account is liable to be terminated by us without any notice.

Can we change our GST number in our Quampus account profile?

This question and its answer are meant for our customers from India only. And the answer is ‘No’. If you want to use a different GST Number, you will have to contact us.

Can Quampus staff do any activity that results in a Quampus charge levied on us with or without our permission?

Never. We have deliberately not kept any such provision to do any commercial activity on your behalf from the back-end admin. Only you and your admin users can take a commercial decision on your behalf.

Can Quampus staff unilaterally change our course pricings?


Can we set our own merchant id in Quampus so that all money collections from our learners come directly to our bank account?

Yes. Currently it is possible for PayPal and CCAvenue. In future, this will be possible for other payment gateways.

Can we collect money offline and register it in Quampus?


We remember having seen a ‘Free’ plan from Quampus. Are you still having it?

We now allow it for genuine non-profit organizations and education evangelists. Please contact us to avail this plan.

Can we down-grade from a higher plan to a lower plan?

Currently no. We plan to introduce this feature in future.

What is so unique about 'e-learning' using Quampus?

Quampus is a comprehensive end-to-end e-learning solution unlike many others that are piece-meal quick-fix solutions. We are for the long term.

Secondly, Quampus is available through SaaS (Software as a Service) mode as well as the Server License mode. In SaaS mode, the customers do not have to install the application in their servers eliminating the need of hosting the application, constant monitoring and upgradation. For very large customers having a steady flow of learners in large numbers (>5000 per month) we recommend the Server License mode. In this mode, the Learning Provider installs the Quampus server application in the cloud account (currently Microsoft Azure) and manages the cloud account. Customer can outsource the cloud account management to Quampus also.

Thirdly, In SaaS mode, Quampus is available on a pay-as-you-go model in which you do not have to commit for a level of usage for a given period in advance. Rather, Quampus computes the actual usage and bills you after the usage period.

How does it really work?

You set up your account on Quampus by signing up as a Knowledge Partner and get all administrative controls. You can then do everything that you need to do for creating, managing and delivering e-learning programs from your desktop/laptop through internet. It is that simple. Your customers or learners can access your programs through internet by following processes or policies set up by you. If you are conducting priced programs, you can collect fees using Quampus gateway or your own gateway.

Can we link Quampus to our web site for our learners to get a seamless access?

Yes. For this you need to enable the Private Access feature in Quampus and set the web site name and return page name. Then, use the course list link and login link in your web site to allow your learners o enroll and access your learning services. You can also paste links for specific courses (available in the course page) in this manner. This service is available free of cost. This will help your customers access Quampus through your web site by filtering out other learning providers. In addition, you also get personalization tools so that you can give a seamless look and feel to your end users.

What LMS features does Quampus have?

Quampus LMS has almost all imaginable features that you may require and compares at par or better than the best LMS that you find anywhere. Please visit the appropriate pages in our web site or in this document to get a comprehensive list of the learning delivery and management features.

Does Quampus have Virtual Classroom/Online Live Classes functionality?

Quampus links to virtual classroom/online live class facility through 3rd party resources. If you have an account with any of the net meeting providers (Webex, Adobe Connect etc), schedule the session and add the link to an event created through Quampus.

Is Quampus really different from any LMS like Moodle?

Any e-learning platform has to have an LMS as the learning delivery engine. One can create a comprehensive platform by acquiring an LMS like Moodle and building myriad of business functionalities around it to handle a comprehensive set of requirements. Then, it needs to be hosted and managed regularly. Softwares, unless upgraded continuously, lose their relevance very quickly; hence continuous upgradation is a must. If you decide to use Quampus then you get a complete solution to address all your needs and not just an isolated component and without the hassles of maintaining and upgrading the software on a continuous basis.

We would like to use net meetings also, not as a part of the training delivery but for meeting purpose only. Can we use Quampus for that also?

No, currently we link to 3rd party net meeting solutions to provide virtual classroom/online live class functionalities. So, for net meeting purpose, we advise you to sign up with net meeting solution providers separately.

Does Quampus offer any single sign on feature? We want our employees to get authenticated in our internal system and then access all learning services without getting authenticated by Quampus again?

This feature will be available in future version.

Is Quampus an ERP solution? Can we just use Quampus to keep track of student attendance, fee collection, examination marks etc?

Quampus is not an ERP solution. Quampus does not have ERP features like inventory management, payroll management, procurement management etc. Also we do not provide physical resource management features currently. Future versions will provide physical resource management features as well as features to manage your off-line learning delivery activities.

Can we do differential pricing for our members and non-members or even for different categories of members?


We have purchased digital equipment like white boards, projection systems, smart boards and even digitized contents. Will Quampus not be an unnecessary expenditure for us?

Quampus is a learning platform and does not compete against any physical gadget. Quampus actually complements all the digital learning gadgets that you have purchased or are planning to purchase. In fact Quampus enhances the usability of these tools and the digital content that you have or are planning to have. Quampus is an enterprise software application which makes anytime and anywhere learning delivery possible 24 x 7 x 365.

In what form, shape and format do we need to convert our course material to start e-learning on Quampus? What if, all our courseware is on paper?

Quampus is content agnostic i.e. it can accept any/most types of e-content or e-learning content. In addition to accepting pdf, swf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx, avi, wav, jpg, flv, mp3, mp4, html Quampus also accepts packaged contents created through Authoring Tools like Articulate, Captivate, and Camtasia etc. If your contents are not in these formats, you need to convert them. Conversion is not difficult. You can contact your local IT service providers for the same or you can contact us for all your content related work. We can train your people to create in-house contents or we can take up content development as an outsourced activity at reasonable rates.

Can you help us prepare our content?

Yes. We have a content development group which helps our customers in preparing SCORM compliant as well as non-SCORM compliant e-learning content. This service is competitively priced.

We would like the contents created by our own teachers to be used by our students as we believe that we have some of the best teachers. How can you help?

In fact Quampus does not give any course content at all, you have to either use your own content or get them from a third party. We at Quampus can train your teacher team and technical team to produce your own e-content in-house. They will be not only save you significant amount of money for you but will be more manageable for any modification in future. Please remember course contents are not static material any longer in this jet-set world. They need to be constantly improved and modified to keep you ahead of competition.

We want to develop new training content. Can you take up content development activities also?

Yes we can.

How secure is our content from being copied by our competitors or even our learners?

Your content is absolutely safe and secure on our platform. No one other than your learners and admin persons authorized by you will have access to your content. We have made all efforts to ensure that your content is not downloadable by your students unless you allow it. But, please remember, certain types of contents can be downloaded by specialized softwares installed on learner's computers irrespective of whether you make them downloadable or not. Also all document contents will have to be necessarily downloaded to the learner's computer before they can be opened by the appropriate client application. In case of pdf files, Quampus does provide a conversion feature (to be chosen while uploading) to prevent copying and printing of the document. You may decide to avoid using these kinds of contents unless they are absolutely required. With all these mechanisms in place, you can have the peace of mind that your investment in content and intellectual property is completely free of piracy and unauthorized usage.

Do you store the content encrypted?

We don't encrypt the content for performance reasons. But, all access to content is gated through encrypted keys and accessors, limiting operation and development employees' access to your content.

Do you store credit card information?

No. We follow PCI-DSS compliance by sending and receiving encrypted data to and from financial institutions that provide processing service.

What is the security of our content? As we understand all the content will reside on Quampus servers, are they safe with you? We would prefer to keep them on our servers.

Your content is absolutely secured under Quampus. We follow extremely stringent protocols and processes to store and allow your authorized personnel to access your content. It is like storing your valuables in a bank locker. Like the bank locker is more secured than your own locker inside your home, your content in Quampus is more secured than in your own servers. Besides this, content access by learners is optimized when they are in Quampus than in your servers thereby improving reliability.

Do you sell our content that we upload on Quampus platform?

No. Your content and your other services remain your property even though you use Quampus to deliver them. We are neither owners of your intellectual property nor do we sell your intellectual property. In fact Quampus sells only Quampus service to people like you. As a corollary to this, you must also take care of the copyright issues for the content that you upload on Quampus. If the content that you upload violate anybody else' copyright, only you and not Quampus is responsible for this violation.

Can we get a free trial without any commercial commitment?

Yes. Please select and sign up for the Free Plan which does not ask you for any future financial commitment. It has all the features of the complete cloud LMS platform, the only restrictions being the number of courses and number of learners - more than sufficient for any moderate user. You may continue using this plan or change to a priced plan whenever the need arises.

Do we have to pay in advance for using Quampus? Ours is a large organization and we normally pay after getting an invoice from our service providers?

Normally, after you sign up as a Knowledge Partner, you need to recharge your Quampus account for availing any service in Quampus. If your account does not have sufficient credit balance, participant enrollments and other service deliveries will fail. However, we do set credit limits for large organizations which will allow them to avail Quampus services up to the credit limit without making advance payments. In both situations, you will receive monthly Quampus Account Statement summarizing your account credits, service debits and amount payable. Contact us to get further information and help on this.

We have franchisees and resellers who sell our courses for us. Can we offer discounts to them to sell our courses?

You can generate Enrollment Keys for them and bill these at whatever price you want. They will in turn sell these keys to learners who can enroll in your courses without making any payments to you.

How does the system perform when large number of students accesses the application?

We have architected the application to scale dynamically without impacting current performance. We have content streaming servers that adapt to variable bandwidth for a uniform experience. However, if you experience slowness, first place for you to look at the internet connection speed.

Is the Data/Content backed up?

Yes, our cloud service provider has elaborate scheme for providing high level of fault tolerance.

What is your SLA for availability?

We strive to provide 24x7 availability of our service. If there is any maintenance or service upgrade need, we publish the out-of-service period well in advance, so as to have minimal impact to your business.

How do you provide support in case we need help?

You can use 'Help' links for feature related help. You can raise a customer care query through the 'Customer Care' link. We normally respond within 24 hours. We provide unlimited web based support.

How do our participants/customers contact us in case they want some issues resolved by us?

They can use 'Help' features. They can raise customer care query through 'Customer Care' link. These queries should then be answered by you or your authorized persons. In case, the customer care query is technical and related to Quampus platform, we will answer them to your customers. We provide unlimited web based support.

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