Framework, Architecture and Services

  • ASP.Net
  • SQL Server
  • Cloud Compute, Storage and Streaming
  • Single Instance with Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Identity services
  • SOA
  • Web-native and UI-agnostic
  • Stateless Web Frontends
  • Replicated Content
  • Powerful Metadata Driven Customization


  • Runs from Microsoft Azure and AWS data centres with fault-tolerance and multi-level geo-redundant backups.
  • Highly scalable application fabric with web servers, content storage and streaming solution.
  • Multi-tenant, meta-data driven configurable and customizable architecture, built for efficiency and cost competitiveness.
  • Built-in security and performance.
  • Benefits of economy of scale.

Comprehensive Security Framework

  • Quampus provides an end-to-end security model that protects data, application services, infrastructure, and content from malicious attacks or theft from both external and internal users.
  • Quampus provides fine grained authorization and access control mechanisms to ensure that sensitive and confidential information is not accessible to non-authorized persons.
  • Quampus safeguards against buffer flow attacks, malicious script injection, cross-site scripting, broken authentication, insecure direct object references, cross-site request forgery, security misconfiguration, insecure cryptographic storage, insufficient transport layer protection and invalidated redirects and forwards.
  • Quampus follows management policies and practices to protect your business security. These policies and practices are non-technical in nature, hence escapes the attention of most users. Being fundamental in nature, violations of these policies and practices can be more dangerous to your overall business.

Data, Application, and Infrastructure Security

  • End-to-end security model.
  • Fine grained authorization.
  • Techniques to prevent phishing.
  • Role based access permission for admin tasks.
  • Encrypted personal info and passwords.
  • Firewall and anti-virus.
  • Isolation through database partitioning.
  • Full instrumentation for auditing of events.
  • Implementation of security protocols available in Azure and AWS data centers.
  • Periodic and live back-ups.
  • Geo-redundancy to handle data center failures.

Content Security

  • Download prevention for video, audio, and packaged contents.
  • Controlled video playback permissions.
  • Content access only to enrolled learners.
  • Prevention of content link sharing.
  • Prevention of simultaneous log-ins.
  • Detection of user id sharing.
  • Fine-grained tracking of all content access.
  • No cheap magic tricks like preventing screen capture, printing etc. which can be bypassed even by amateur tech-enthusiasts.
  • Watermarks are recommended in contents to encourage whistle-blowers.

Business Security

  • We do not use non-standard file formats or content players. Using such technique is like a quack giving stronger and harmful medicines to show quick results without having concern for the long-term health.
  • Quampus is in the business of providing platform services only. Platforms which run their own courses or other learning services become serious competitions to their own customers.
  • Quampus does not promote any customer’s products. Try imagining your competitor getting serious promotional support from a platform provider.

System Requirement

  • Any device running
    • Google Chrome V 53.0 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox V 50.0 and above
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari Browser
    • Internet Explorer is no longer supported!
  • Cookies, Java Script, and Flash Player (wherever required) must be enabled in browsers.
  • Internet Bandwidth: Broadband Internet is a must for all users. More the bandwidth, the better it is.

We are software technologists and education domain experts

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.