Quampus came as a blessing when we just needed one and quickly became a stable and strategic partner for us in no time. We find the Quampus team to be very passionate and highly responsive. If anybody is looking to get a future-proof solution in online education, just get on-board Quampus.

Ankit Banthia
Head, Edusure, India

Edusure provides high-end preparatory coaching to under-graduate students to compete for and succeed in obtaining Masters level admission in top Universities of India

In the words of Edusure

Business situation and challenges

Edusure School was started in 2010 to help the students understand and apply the concepts of economics – thereby securing a seat in Economics Masters Programs of top Universities in the country.

Over a period of time, Edusure got into online mode of delivery because of market demand and ease of scaling of operation. Like others, we thought that we should develop our own software platform to deliver online education. We felt that having our own platform would allow us more control and also we would have the freedom of developing our own features. Instead of developing the platform in-house, we outsourced the entire exercise, because the outsourcing model looked alright to us. Everything went fine till for a few years. We started with bare-bone feature set, and thought that our development partner will, over a period of time, bring in new features based on our requirement.

What looked good initially did not go as per plan eventually. The product developed for us neither scaled as per our requirement nor ran trouble-free. Since our expertise lie in the field of teaching and material creation we could not foresee and understand many of the technical challenges that were faced by our IT team.

We started evaluating external LMS platforms seriously.


We evaluated a few companies and decided to give Quampus a shot. With the discovery of Quampus, we realized that we could deploy e-learning courses almost overnight. We already had our video contents ready and they were all hosted through third party platform. Quampus team also very quickly trained us to use their famous online test engine, which we found to be quite flexible and powerful. Almost all the features that we had imagined that we might need in the future, were already available in Quampus and Quampus team promised to deliver any new feature at no extra cost.

Within a month of contacting Quampus, we moved from our home-grown solution and were re-operational. Out of this 30-day process of migration to a new platform, we had taken 29 days to evaluate and decide on the platform and we took just few days to re-launch all our courses using Quampus.

Special mention has to be made of the Quampus team that really helped us in the migration.


We started using Quampus since September 2018 and have been able to enhance our services. The one or two small technical issues faced by our students were handled by Quampus without even our involvement, we came to know about them later on. All we do now, is to create good content, update our question bank and focus on acquiring more students. We are able to have time to strategize for our business, to think about diversification while being absolutely comfortable about the running of the current operation.


Since the day we moved to Quampus cloud LMS platform, we have been able to attract more students going to online platform. So, we get good technology while being able to compete against the very best purely on the merit of our own course offerings.

Strategic achievements with Quampus

The key achievements with Quampus have been in consolidating our current business, freeing up resources to attract more students and also in thinking about synergy creating diversifications.

We are software technologists and education domain experts

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.