We selected Quampus after extensive demonstrations and discussions with a number of people from our side evaluating it over a very long period of time. We had been evaluating multiple such service providers but with Quampus we found exactly what we wanted. With a very competent top management and other highly committed team members, we are sure Quampus will always stay ahead in terms of technology and deliver the best value possible to its customers like it happened in our case.

Anupam Kaul
Principal Consultant, CII, India

CII's Institute of Quality (IQ) provides quality certification courses to the manufacturing industry professionals

In the words of CII-IQ

Business situation and challenges

Services offered by IQ included training, counseling, assessments, audit services and study missions. IQ aspires to establish itself as the most sought after and leading Capability Building Institution in India. But the biggest impediment to the long-term aspiration of IQ was the complex logistics of classroom training and difficulties faced by working professionals, who are the main targets of the training programs, in finding time off their usual busy schedules.


Since we did not want to have custom software developed for ourselves due to the challenges of continuous maintenance and also to eliminate the capital expenditure in setting up a complex LMS platform, we decided to go for a cloud based platform service offered by reputed organizations. With the discovery of Quampus, we realized that we could deploy e-learning courses almost overnight. Quampus people also trained us in the art and science of developing very good quality in-house content. Though, we were not a power user to start with, we were comfortable with the fact that almost all the features that we were imagining that we might need in the future, were already available in Quampus and Quampus team promised to deliver any new feature at no extra cost.


We quickly delivered our Quality Certification course to major customers like Mahindra Group, Airbus, BHEL and Murugappa Group of industries and others. Since Quampus is technically a very robust and stable platform, the very few technical support that our students needed were handled by Quampus mostly without our involvement which was a very big relief. Also, almost all the students found this mode of learning easy and empowering and provided very good ratings for our product. The score card feature helped us in finding the final certification eligibility of students instantaneously, a process which could have taken us days, if not weeks.


IQ division of CII could deploy its training courses to major companies in the manufacturing sector without incurring any capital expenditure and scaled the operation very quickly at extremely low cost of operation encouraging other groups inside CII to adopt Quampus.

Strategic achievements with Quampus

The key achievement with Quampus has been in building our own IPR in terms of e-learning courseware and its deployment as e-learning courses to our target segment without spending significant go-to-market lead time. Of course, the financial returns have been at much higher level compared to the traditional mode. This has also motivated other groups inside CII to rethink their training deployment strategies.

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