Using Quampus for online learning delivery part of our training programs and not getting into development of something of our own was one of the wisest decisions we made. Currently, we are delivering our video and other learning content via Quampus, besides using the simulation test feature extensively. Since our partnering with them, we have been enjoying uninterrupted services of the platform. While Quampus is giving the best value for money; their customer support is also very prompt and responsive.

Saket Bansal
Director, iZenBridge, India

IZenBridge offers highly advanced and extensive PMP ® and PMI-ACP ® certification training programs focused into IT sector to people around the globe

In the words of iZen

Business situation and challenges

Having founded The Delhi IT Professional group in Jan 2012 keeping in view the increasing demands of healthy consensus of right information amongst fellows, we created iZenBridge in August 2012 to empower IT industry with innovative project management skills. As the clientele expanded, the Classroom delivery model started becoming restrictive. With wide geographical spread of prospective customers across the country, expanding reach to non-metros and interiors was a challenge.


Being from IT background, started toiling with the idea of building own delivery platform while exploring available options. Accidental discovery of Quampus saved us from the headache of creating, maintaining and updating the platform which would have been defocusing from the main objective. Quampus not only allowed us to upload the recorded lectures for streaming by the trainees, it also offered powerful online test tool with extensive dynamic test generation capability to set up a simulation test facility for the trainees to practice, assess and self analyze their skill enhancement. The online collaborative interaction module helps in interacting with teacher and amongst co-learners to clear their concepts and doubts.


With Quampus, we have been able to not only focus on strengthening and enhancing the quality of our training programs, but also focus on scaling up the enrollments to our programs. Though we started initially with one program, gradually we have been able to add a few more covering much wider aspects of Project Management and to suit different forms of training needs. The trainees have been able to access the programs from spread out locations. Even the ones who are traveling extensively to meet work requirements are able to pursue our programs seamlessly and without any hassles.


IZenBridge could establish its presence in more than 40 different countries and increased its learner base by more than 60 times in a short period of two years by using Quampus and diversifying into multiple verticals because of the ease of use.

Strategic achievements with Quampus

The key achievement with Quampus has been to expand our reach globally. With our focus being in IT sector and the clientele being mobile and spread out on projects, we are able to deliver our programs in every nook and corner of the world. This is helping us scale up rather quickly.

We are software technologists and education domain experts

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.