Presentation Type Content

These contents mostly use power point slides and mp3 audios to create a talking presentation. Adding a quiz makes it a little more interactive. We have taken these from site. You can also check and for more such contents.

Content Without Audio

Content With Audio

Demonstration Type Content

Demonstration content is used where white-board writing is considered to be an appropriate way of teaching - like in the case of solving a mathematical problem. Here, the teacher demonstrates how a problem is solved. Another use of this content is in case of software product demo.

White-board Writing

Software Product Demo

Video Content

Currently the most widely used content - videos are the easiest to create contrary to popular perception. The one shown below has been shot by using a simple camcorder with minimal lighting equipment inside an office room.

Animated Content

Animated contents are best used when they are absolutely required and not otherwise. Those who are neither teachers nor learners imagine that animated contents are suitable for all situations. Typically, they are either recommended for small children or for situations where the concept can be best explained only with the help of animated objects. Many concepts in astronomy, electro-magnetism, human body can be best explained only through animations.

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