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Pricing Plans

Your Location

  • Full LMS and Admin Functionalities
  • Fixed storage of 3GB. For more, upgrade to 'Professional' plan
  • Service delivery mode: FREE only
  • No Monetization or White-labeling capability
  • Unlimited web based technical support to you and your learners
  • Use for Evangelization Purpose
  • Sign Up
Usage Charge @ USD 0.1
per enrollment-day
  • Full LMS and Admin Functionalities
  • On demand storage beyond complimentary limit of 5GB at applicable charges
  • Service delivery mode: FREE, Priced and Internal
  • Full Monetization and White-labeling capability
  • Unlimited web based technical support to you and your learners
  • Use for Monetization or Internal Delivery
  • Sign Up 30-day Trial
Server License
Price available on request
  • Full LMS and Admin Functionalities
  • Requires Microsoft Azure account
  • Updates and Support subject to
    AMC subscription
  • Use as per your choice
  • Contact Quampus Sales:

More on Professional Plan

Understanding how Quampus billing system works

There are no charges if you sign up for the 'Free Plan', but it has limitations.

Charges in Professional Plan
Membership and Renewal Charge

Applicable during new sign up and subsequent renewals each valid for minimum 360 days.

Usage Charge

Applicable for every learner enrollment in 'Priced' or 'Internal' courses. This is independent of your course pricing.

Value Added Service Charge

Applicable for optional services like advanced white-labelling and extra storage enablement.


Quampus usage charge for the duration of enrollment of a learner is apportioned among the months between the learner's service-start and service-stop dates based on the duration available in each month. The sum total of all such charges in a month for all enrollments along with any other applicable charges is billed in the beginning of the next month with applicable govt. taxes and levies added. Currently, customers billed in Indian Rupees are required to pay Service Tax on the billed amount.

Professional Plan - Pricing Details

Item Billing Schedule Charge @ Rate
360-day Membership or Renewal One-time added to monthly bill USD 399
Usage Charge for Priced or Internal Courses Monthly USD 0.1 per day per Enrollment
Additional Storage Enablement (Optional) One-time added to monthly bill USD 2 per GB per month for balance membership period
Advanced White Labeling (Optional) Monthly USD 5 per day per Brand
No Usage Charge for Enrollments in Free courses or programs - Free services will be open to all.

Pricing Rules

Usage Charge Computation Calculator (USD)

Service delivered by you Course
Service type
Service duration in days
Currency in which you price your service Any Currency
Price charged to learner by you
Quampus usage charge currency USD
Quampus usage charge rate per enrollment-day  
Quampus usage charge to you on each enrollment  
Enrollment duration of less than 30 days is treated as 30-day enrollment for computation of Quampus usage charge. Part day is treated as full day.

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