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Course Objective

Have you ever wondered how education started to become a system, which then become a naturally existing model where children learn and study throughout their years of childhood? You might not guess that the knowledge is going back - far into the medivial and even in the antike times, where great teachers started to influence people by educating them. The more time passed, the more the foucs was directed from educating the adult to educating the child. While the child was viewed as a small adult during the ancient times, modern education understands the difference between the adult and the child on the physical, emotional, cognitive and social level. Today we have a very different viewpoint on the idea of child and education.

This workshop takes you on a journey through the antique Greek and Roman times, the ancient Indian and oriental gurukul systems towards the modern understanding. Go on this journey and start to understand education from a different viewpoint. This workshop is spoken by Marion E. Hopfgartner, Educationalist, Author of many books and Founder of TLI Pedagogics. Be inspired with this knowledge and content.

Some insights:
Hear about
- the Greek philosopher
- Pestalozzi - Piaget and Fröbel
- the father of kindergarten- the unseen voices of the medieval age
- the viewpoint of holistic education
- the importance of the early years how we see it in the 21st century

This workshop is created to transform our understanding about early years education and to create an impact in the life of teachers / educators and parents who really care for modern education.

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