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Duration 30 days

Program Manager

Banthia Education and Management Private Limited
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This course is offered By Banthia Education and Management Private Limited (Edusure)
Course Objective

This preparatory course for MA Economics Entrances takes a problem solving approach coupled with relevant theory to give ISI/DSE/IGIDR/JNU aspirants to hone their knowledge in key areas of Microeconomics / Macroeconomics / Econometrics / Mathematics / Statistics for a fair chance at these entrances Course Features Regular Classroom training Video

Back up of all classes All ISI-DSE problem’s solutions Question Bank on each topic Mock Tests Counselling Classroom Training Features More than 250 hours of training content– covering key concepts along with past papers of ISI / DSE / JNU / IGIDR

EduSure Concept Course Material - topic-wise notes with concepts and solutions of past papers from various exams - over 2700 videos (800 concept & 1900 solution ISI/DSE/JNU videos)

Online Support Features EduSure video classes: Now never miss a class with Edusure Videos. Watch all classes again and watch reruns of concepts which are difficult for you to grasp.

EduSure Online Support with Webinars and Meetings: Focused on Problem Solving and concept clearing Give IGIDR Mock online: Just like the actual exam

Other Key Aspects Special assistance for Interview calls to IGIDR, ISI, MSE, SNU One on one interview experience for interviewees enhancing their chances of success

Learning Tools
  • Study Material
  • Practice Exercise
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