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Mr Karthik Masilamani
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Course Objective

Evaluation examination for CCOP Certification

The CCOP certification examination evaluates the Candidates knowledge and practical understanding of the competencies required (see table) to be an effective Operations manager in a manufacturing organization. These competencies are covered in the three course modules of the CII Certified Operational Excellence (OPEX) Practitioner’s programme. However a candidate can take this examination after completing at least one of the three course modules, provided he is satisfied that he has the requisite knowledge of the competencies covered in the other course modules.

What is evaluated

The examination shall test the conceptual knowledge of the subjects as well as practical application of the  concepts set in examples and simulations within the questions. The questions are randomly picked from a bank, however the question paper, unique to each candidate, ensures that the questions are evenly distributed to test each competency sub-module and will appear in varying levels  of difficulty with corresponding scores.

Questions once answered can be corrected before the final ‘submit’ button is pressed.

Format and Scoring

All questions are in multiple choice format and have only one correct answer. Questions carry different marks as per level of difficulty. The marks will be displayed along with the question. There are no negative marks for incorrect answers.

Evaluation is carried out by the system and the score will be displayed  immediately after the completion with the overall ‘Pass’ or ‘Unsuccessful’ status.

The minimum pass score to be awarded CCOP Certification is 60 %.  A candidate who scores 80 % and above shall be issued with a Certificate of Distinction.


The Evaluation examination for CCOP Certification will evaluate knowledge on the following competencies:

Toyota Production Systems

  • Building blocks of the Toyota production system structure
  • Just-in-time and its elements
  • Jidoka and its elements
  • People and Waste Elimination elements of the TPS structure
  • PDCA cycle and it elements
  • Minus Cost Principle

 5S (Workplace Organization)

  • Activities and Action steps involved in 5S phases i.e. 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S and 5S
  • 5S assessment checklist
  • 5S implementation plan

Visual Management 

  • Six Levels of Visual Management
  • Construction of the Visual Dashboard
  • Hourly Production Report
  • Process of Conducting Huddles

 Value Stream Mapping 

  • Value Stream Mapping Process
  • Product Family Matrix
  • Key Performance Indices
  • Value Stream Mapping Icons
  •  “AS IS” and “TO BE” Value Process Maps
  • Value Stream implementation Plan

 Kanban Systems

  • Push and Pull Production systems
  • Purpose of Kanban along with Kanban Rules
  • Types of Kanban Cards
  • Linkage between Supermarkets, Kanban Board and Production Processes
  • Function of the Kanban Board
  • Kanban Requirements Study

Skills Management 

  • Purpose of Skills Management
  • Construction of a Skill Matrix
  • Devising a Multi-skills Training Schedule

 Little’s Law and Concept of Utilization  

  • Concept of Utilization and its practical implications
  • Little’s law and its application on the shop floor

 Hoshin Kanri and Balanced Scorecard 

  • Key Elements of Hoshin Kanri
  • Policy Deployment Tools Matrix
  • Balanced Scorecard and its application for a Manufacturing organization
  • Generation of Key Performance Indices
  • Review process of Policy Deployment

 A3 Problem Solving 

  • A3 problem solving process
  • Sections of A3 problem solving report


The CCOP Certification will enable recognition of the person for employment mobility, and / or to impart professional services on operational excellence

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