Course Code4260VVB9
Duration 60 days

Program Manager

Saket Prog Manager for iZen

This course is offered By Izenbridge Consultancy Pvt Ltd
Course Objective

This program introduces agile and scrum to the audience and follows a life cycle approach where audience get to learn how to practice agile and scrum. Learning Objective • Demonstrate knowledge of agile values and principles in group discussions • Demonstrate knowledge of scrum roles, ceremonies and artifacts in end of course assessment test. • Demonstrate knowledge of Story Point estimation • Demonstrate interpretation of release burn down, sprint burn down and velocity chart.

Learning Tools
  • Study Material - Standard
Mode of Payment
  • Online
Course Delivery and Access Methodology

The course is delivered over internet.  You must complete the enrollment process before you can access the course.
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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Withdrawal is permitted but there will be no refund of payment.