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Quampus is a cloud based, e-commerce enabled online learning platform - used by all types of learning providers


Set up your online education service business almost instantaneously.

Coaching or Tutorial Center

Expand to newer geographies and reach new students.

Training Company

Go global and address individual as well as enterprise customers.

School, College, University

Be accessible and connected 24*7*365 to your enrolled students.

Learning & Development Dept.

Enable employees and partners for bigger challenges.


Not just One..Two..or Three..
NINE reasons why learning providers love to partner with us

End-to-End Platform

Learning Service Publication, Learner Acquisition, Learning Delivery, Score Card, Certification, Customer Rating, Gateway Integration, Customer Care, Social Media...

Simple Straight-Forward Plans

You do not need any expertise in finance management to understand our plans. Our transparent and simple-to-understand plans provide unambiguous cost-predictability.

IPR Ownership

All contents, administrator and learner data, usage and analytics data are the Learning Provider’s properties unlike in the case of others. We just own our software and User Ids.

Data Privacy and Security

You would love our fanatical approach towards data privacy and data security. For us, it is a way of life. Only you and your authorized users can access your data and services.

Customizable and Configurable

Use white labeling, single sign-on and own gateway integration to strengthen your brand equity. Large organizations and Universities can exploit the power of delegation for scalable operations.

Standards Compliance

Quampus is compliant to SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and QTI standards. In addition, all contents in other standard formats can be used. All reports and analytics data can be exported.

Seamless Collaboration

Extensive collaborative tools, email alerts, notifications and reminders are available to make learning process more holistic, effective and enjoyable.

Not just the Most Powerful LMS

Quampus gives you not only the most powerful LMS, but a plethora of useful business and activity management features unimaginable elsewhere. The truth of the story lies in the details.

Device Independence

Learning services can be accessed by all kinds of access devices - tablets, phones and laptop/desktops running any popular browser on any OS.

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Quampus is used by learning providers to do a variety of activities

We provide features and flexibilities to handle every conceivable real life situation faced by serious learning providers. Most of our customers use Quampus to run their entire online learning business.

Deliver MOOCs

Massive Open Online Course is the latest buzzword in the e-learning field. Now, you need not be an ivy-league university or a cash rich organization to deliver MOOCs.

Run Online Education Business

If your bread and butter come from the education domain, adoption or extension of online offerings powered by e-commerce tools could be the only way to grow in the ever competitive world.

Supplement Classroom Education

Empower your classroom students with online resources such as study material, practice exercises, tests, assignments, forums and online tools for interactions with teachers.


Train Employees and Partners

Considered vital by organizations in leadership positions and neglected by all others, this can surely improve your inner strength by empowering your human resources.

Conduct Distance Education

This could be the most interesting and value intensive proposition for innovative universities, not only to deliver beyond-degree education but also to earn money in return.

Conduct Test-Preps

Our examination-happy systems put enormous stress on students; test-preps can bring cheer to the student community by making exam-preparedness feel like games.


Connect Classroom Learners

In this social media powered over-connected world, there is a dire need of intelligent connectivity in large education institutions for controllable communications.

Train Customers

Providing fully or supplementary online trainings to customers on your products and services can reduce your costs and boost customer satisfaction ratings.

Evangelize Education

As a philanthropic ‘guru’, donate your knowledge resources to the masses without any commercial benefits in return. Quampus is completely free for you.

Main Features

Our customers and their learners are delighted with our robust, feature-rich platform and unparalleled service level

Quampus Rating by Learners

Overall Satisfaction

4.60 out of 5.00

Success Stories

The core difference between us and others is embedded in the fundamental principles of our business


When you join Quampus community, you do not become Quampus instructor or Quampus course provider.


Your identity as independent learning provider remains as before. We just become your back-end technology provider.


Most other education market places use your learning services to package it as their business and give you a commission in return.


With Quampus, you run your education activity or business the way you want with the help of Quampus and pay us in return.


Quampus cloud platform allows you to do everything related to online education

  • Our completely 'Free' plan allows you to deliver free courses for social purpose and it does not cost you anything.
  • Your L&D department can use the ‘Professional’ plan to run internal training courses and programs.
  • ‘Professional’ plan allows you to run your complete online education business with full e-commerce features.
  • Even in ‘Professional’ plan, ‘Free’ courses can be delivered by you without incurring any usage charges.
  • If you want to fortify your classroom courses with online resources, go for the ‘Professional’ plan.
  • Our e-commerce system allows you to plug-in your own PayPal or CCAvenue account for complete peace of mind.
  • Quampus white-labelling feature allows you to run everything from your url and enhances your SEO points.
  • Quampus usage charges are based on total enrollments and enrollment durations only in ‘Priced’ and ‘Internal’ courses.
  • Explore the full potential of Quampus by signing up for a ‘Free Trial’ of the ‘Professional’ plan. Some limitations apply.
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We are software technologists and education domain experts.

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.

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