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This course is offered By CII-Institute of Quality
Course Objective

The CII Certification of Personnel Competence Scheme is India’s first national scheme for the certification of Testing and Calibration personnel associated with commercial and industrial laboratories. The scheme provides evidence that a person holding a CII Certificate of Personnel Competence has the knowledge and skills necessary to perform testing and calibration in accordance with Standard test methods.Benefits to Laboratories include:a) an objective and independent medium for qualification of testing and calibration personnel to comply with accreditation criteria in accordance with ISO 17025 / ISO 15189b) Technical basis for recruitment of new staffc) Increased confidence in the test / calibration results specially where these are used for safety / legal / design / product acceptance considerationsBenefits to Certified professionalsa) A credible and independent recognition of professional competenceb) Better career growth opportunitiesCertification shall be granted upon successful evaluation for competence in different technical areas, that will be listed from time to time on the CII Institute of Quality Website, and will be based on a) Online examination of the candidate’s knowledge and skills in relation to : i) General concepts of metrology ii) Measurement concepts iii) Factors influencing measurement iv) Measurement uncertainty v) Basics of calibration including traceability vi) SI units vii) Rounding off Rulesb) Practical demonstration of knowledge in technical area for which certification is applied through viva voce and witnessing of tests in a CII approved Testing CentreThe Candidate shall be issued a Certificate of CII Certified Laboratory Personnel in the Technical AreaProcedurea) A Candidate desirous of Certification must confirm that the Technical Area is listed in the Scheme ( To take the On-line test, the candidate must first create a log in ID on this web-sitec) Enrol for taking the test either by making an online payment of Rs 4000 to generate an enrolment number, or pre-payment of the same amount, in which case, he will be issued the enrolment numberd) Take the Online test within 30 days of enrolment. the test is objective type of 60 minutes duration. Guidance to take the test will be available after enrolment. Candidates are strongly advised to prepare themselves thoroughly on the generic subjects before taking the on-line test.e) A candidate must score a minimum of 60 % in the on-line evaluation to proceed to the next stagef) The results are displayed immediately on completion of test.g) A successful candidate should inform the Scheme Director of his Stage 1 completion together with his enrolment number, address and other contact details. He will be advised further steps for payment of on-site evaluation fee (Rs 8000), Test Center venue, date for On-site examination and documents to be carried.h) The On-site examination will require the presence of the candidate for 1 full day. Exams will be conducted in batches, hence date of On-site examination will be announced based on formation of batches. i) On-site examination shall include Viva-voce followed by practical demonstration of tests at the Test Center as per a pre-decided protocol. All arrangements for tests will be provided at the test Center.j)based on the successful completion of On-site examination, CII Institute of Quality shall issue the CCLP Certificate to the Candidate. In case the candidate is not successful in the first attempt, he will be provided with a deficiency report and will be eligible to re-appear once again after a gap of 3 months, for On-site examination upon re- payment of Fees.Certificate The Candidate shall be issued a Certificate of CII Certified Laboratory Personnel for the Technical Area applied for.There will be no validity of the Certificate. However, the Certificate shall indicate the version / year of publication of the test method / calibration method standard. This information will enable the candidates and their employers to evaluate the need for a repeat certification, in case the test method has been revised / amended.For any queries, please contactScheme Director: Mr Anupam Kaul Email : anupam.kaul@cii.inScheme Coordinator : Ms Parinita Singh Email :

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Mr Anupam Kaul
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  • Certification Scheme for Laboratory Testing and Calibration Personnel