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Mr Anupam Kaul
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This course is offered By CII-Institute of Quality
Course Objective

In the present economic scenario, quality is one of the key elements of organizational success. In this dynamic environment, organizations are under tremendous pressure to improve their products and processes and reduce costs continually to remain competitive. This presents an urgent need to rely on tools and techniques in dealing with challenges for producing quality products and services with a very high order of consistency, reducing wastes, and to innovate on product designs and processes so as to maintaining the competitive edge.This course has been designed to serve as a foundation for any person planning to make a career in Quality Assurance and Management. It includes, all the basic and advanced statistical analysis tools, quality approaches to problem solving, quality planning, quality assurance and quality management.This course has been very thoughtfully conceived into a structured design, where the foundation module builds up the understanding of the candidate in applying statistical process control in his / her work environment and use it as a basis for advanced SPC techniques. The course also includes a number of applied exercises that enables the student to apply the learning's in an integrated manner. At the end of the course, the comprehensive training would enable the student to emerge as a thorough (certified) quality professional and would be a long term asset to any company he works for. Each chapter consists of knowledge sessions and practice exercises, and includes examination. Level A has a comprehensive (on-line) examination at the end of course. Advanced levels B 1, B2 and C (off line currently) also include submissions assigned through the course. The examination shall be conducted on-line in a limited duration time. The student can take the examination using his Desktop / laptop. In special cases, such as company sponsored students, examination may be conducted at the company premises under mutually agreed controlled environment.The minimum pass percentage is 60 % in each module assessed overall on examination and practical work as applicable. A student who secures 75 % or more will be awarded a Distinction Certificate at each level.

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Mr Anupam Kaul
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  • CCQP - A Level