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Coaching to students to prepare for competitive entrance examinations for post graduation in Economics at leading academic institutions namely Delhi School of Economics, JNU, ISI, etc. Plan to extend coaching services for UPSC - Civil Services Examination.

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When we started our coaching services in 2009-10, we initially started with virtual classrooms; however we faced many problems like: many students were unable to attend virtual classrooms regularly due to mismatch in timings; or they needed different lecture timings and some even needed flexible timings. The teaching cost per students was continuing to be high and did not reduce much...

Business situation

When we started our coaching services in 2009-10, we initially started with virtual classrooms; however,


As we gathered momentum, we realized that:


We were introduced to Quampus, a comprehensive solution, unlike anything we had seen before:


After tasting success with Quampus, we plan to migrate to the independent 'e-learning only' mode. We have batches in the 'e-learning only' mode as well as blended batches wherein the classroom students access specific services of ours in the 'e-learning' mode. The enrollments in MA Preparation courses have risen from 40 students in the first year to close to 450 enrollments in the current session. In future we expect our market to be over 1000 enrollments or more every year. We can now focus fully on student acquisition and better content and pedagogy development because of Quampus which offers:


Ecopoint could increase its learner base by more than 100 times during a period of four years by using Quampus while expanding the reach to the entire country without facing customer service issues and technology scalability problems.

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