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Desi Scrum (Hindi)


Course CodeA121VVB2
Duration45 day(s)

Program Manager

Saket Prog Manager for iZen




This course is offered By Izenbridge Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Course Objective

Language should not be a barrier when you want to learn Scrum. This Desi scrum course is specially designed for Hindi speaking audience who find it difficult to comprehend things in a foreign language. The course videos are prepared during a live interaction with Scrum and Agile Professionals in Delhi.

Learning Tools

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The course is delivered over internet.  You must complete the enrollment process before you can access the course.
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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

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Chapter 1: Adaptive Project Management

Chapter 2: Product Backlog and Product Owner

Chapter 3: Agile Estimation

Chapter 4: Detailing of Product Backlog Items

Chapter 5: How to Identify Sprint Length

Chapter 6: Why to Have Consistent Sprint Duration

Chapter 7: Scrum Master and Development Team

Chapter 8: Project Manager and Scrum Master

Chapter 9: Agile Leadership

Chapter 10: Delivery Accountability in Scrum

Chapter 11: Sprint Planning

Chapter 12: Daily Scrum

Chapter 13: Potentially Shippable Product Increment

Chapter 14: Definition of Done / Acceptance Criteria

Chapter 15: Sprint Review

Chapter 16: Handling Exploration in Scrum

Chapter 17: How to Split Big Items

Chapter 18: Sprint Retrospective

Chapter 19: How to Handle Undone Work

No faculty members are assigned to this course.