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Online Economics Course

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Duration365 day(s)

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Mr Nishant Mehra



This course is offered By Nishant Mehra

Course Objective

This course will have the following subjects, dealt with sufficient detail, for IES exam, IAS exam and UGC-Net exam 1. Microeconomic Theory 2. Macroeconomic Theory 3. Development Economics 4. Monetary (Financial) Economics 5. Public Economics 6. International Economics 7. Environmental Economics 8. Econometrics and Statistics 9. Indian Economics

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The course is delivered over internet.  You must complete the enrollment process before you can access the course.
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Chapter 1: Cardinal Utility Analysis

Chapter 2: Budget Constraint

Chapter 3: Consumer Preferences

Chapter 4: Utility

Chapter 5: Choice

Chapter 6: Demand

Chapter 7: Utility functions (IES Past Years' Questions)

Chapter 8: Duality and Indirect Utility function and Expenditure function

Chapter 9: Properties of Marshallian demand

Chapter 10: Gross and Net Substitutes and Negativity of Substitution effect

Chapter 11: Revealed Preference

Chapter 12: Slutsky Equation

Chapter 13: Substitution Effect and Income Effect of the Price Change (IES Past Year's Questions)

Chapter 14: Buying and Selling

Chapter 15: Intertemporal Choice

Chapter 16: Consumer Surplus

Chapter 17: Consumer Surplus II (IES past year questions)

Chapter 18: Uncertainty Part 1

Chapter 19: Uncertainty Part 2

Chapter 20: Marshallian and Walrasian Stability (UPSC 2016)

Chapter 21: Producer Theory

Chapter 22: Elasticity of Substitution

Chapter 23: Cobb Douglas Production Function

Chapter 24: CES Production Function

Chapter 25: Translog Production Function

Chapter 26: Returns to Factor and Returns to Scale

Chapter 27: Cost Theory Part 1

Chapter 28: Cost Theory Part 2

Chapter 29: Duality and Cost function

Chapter 30: Introduction to Game Theory and Prisoner's Dilemma

Chapter 31: Strictly and Weakly Dominated Strategies

Chapter 32: Battle of Sexes and Stag Hunt

Chapter 33: Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium 2 X 2 form and 3 X 3 form

Chapter 34: Extensive Form Game and Battle of Sexes Example

Chapter 35: Backward Induction and its Examples

Mr Nishant Mehra
Assigned Subjects
  • Macroeconomics I (MAC 1)
  • Microeconomics I (MIC 1)
  • Microeconomics II (MIC 2)
  • Macroeconomics II (MAC 2)
  • Indian Economics (INDECO)
  • Econometrics (ECOTRIX)
  • Mathematical Economics (MATHS)
  • International Trade (ITRADE)
  • Development and Growth (DEVECO)
  • Public Economics (PUBECO)
  • Environmental Economics (ENVECO)
  • Industrial Organization (IO)