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Quampus is simple and intuitive for new learning providers; versatile and scalable for those who need extra power to handle complex situations

Are We Different?

Yes, we are. In fact, we have a completely different approach to the problem. Discover our distinctly innovative approach and be delighted.

Top Ten Benefits

The top ten benefits of Quampus are best read aloud, but ensure your competitors do not hear you speaking about it ever.

How it Works

Here is a bird's eye view of how simple Quampus can be for you, your customers, your team and above all your finance head.

Main Features

For those of you who love to explore product specifications in detail, here is a comprehensive summary of the ever-expanding features.

Technology and Security

Technology is our forte. Explore a brief overview of frameworks used, security principles and system requirement for different kinds of users.


Affordable and quality e-content production is every learning provider’s worst nightmare. Discover how we can help you to overcome this.


Questions you always wanted to ask and questions that may not have crossed your mind ever before are all answered here.

Success Stories and Reviews

Exponential growth, spectacular ROI and unbelievable experience - success stories of select customers and reviews by learners.

Plans and Tariff

We believe in simple-to-understand plans and fair tariff structure. We even have a completely ‘Free’ plan for evangelist educationists.

For the inquisitive mind demanding more information

Learning Delivery Redefined

Your 'Campus on Cloud'

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We are software technologists and education domain experts.

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.

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