Top Ten Benefits

The following top ten benefits are best read aloud but not in the presence of your competitors.

Instant Setup

You get your own cloud campus to run your online education/training programs 24 X 7, starting NOW – in just 5 minutes. No server installation is required.

No Capital

You do not have to invest in computing hardware, software licenses, data center and technical resources, no annual maintenance contracts either.


You need only a broadband connection and a web-browser at your end, the same applies for your team members and learners too. Simple is powerful.

Freedom on

You are free to price your programs the way you want – from Absolutely Free to Value Pricing to Premium Pricing. It's your business after all.


You pay only for services availed and miniscule usage fee per learner only for priced or internal courses! No charges for running 'Free' courses.


You can choose to conduct real-time Interactive Virtual Class Rooms using any third party service or just use the built-in chat functionality for discussions.


You get not only an LMS with Quampus, but a completely integrated eco-system to manage everything related to your e-learning activity or business.

Unlimited Free

You get unlimited free web-based technical support for yourself, your admin team members and all your learners and focus only on supporting your services.

Own Branding

You can use White-Labeling features of Quampus to personalize your cloud campus – with your URL, logo and color scheme. It is your digital campus.

No Exit Barrier

You have no exit barriers or lock-in clauses - you can quit anytime your needs are not met by Quampus. We extend the same freedom we love ourselves.

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Learning Delivery Redefined

Your 'Campus on Cloud'

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We are software technologists and education domain experts.

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.

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