Are We Different?

You will love us for the difference in approach we bring onto the table in each of the following SIX trouble spots.

Trouble Spot-1: Customer lock-in
We do not believe in customer lock-ins, we provide maximum freedom to our customers.

Almost all technology producers believe in customer lock-ins. How do they do it? Their business model is built around selling access licenses in advance. Once purchased, there is no way to return.

In case of Quampus, you use the platform and then pay us for the usage. It’s a true pay-as-you-go model. We believe in retaining our customers by providing the best value with maximum freedom.

Trouble Spot-2: Commitment based discounts
We do not compel our customers to get commitment based discounts, we give usage based discounts.

Most other platforms give slab-based discounts for bulk purchases of access licenses. So customers end up spending much more if they are unable to anticipate the requirement exactly which is the norm rather than the exception.

In our case, customers get discounts for higher usage - simple. No need to anticipate and no wastage of money.

Trouble Spot-3: Confidentiality and usage of customer data
We do not use our customers' data as we are fanatic about privacy and confidentiality.

Most other platforms own the data of their customers' learners and their learning pattern, performance analytics and allow customers to view or even export them for internal use, but retain all rights to use or monetize data themselves.

In our case learning providers are the owners of all learning related data. So even if all data reside on our platform, we do not use them for our own purpose.

Trouble Spot-4: Conflict of interest
We do not compete against our customers by becoming a learning service provider ourselves.

Many platforms themselves also sell their own courses and allow others to use the platform as a market place. The conflict of interest in this model is very obvious to miss.

We are a pure platform provider - so we act as true partner to the learning providers and never a competitor.

Trouble Spot-5: Rent seeking business model
We do not charge sales commission unless the service is sold through our market place.

Most others charge hefty percentage commissions when courses running on their platform get sold, irrespective of whether they really played a role in selling the course.

We do not charge any sales commission if we do not play a role in selling the course or service.

Trouble spot-6 and the biggest of all: Loss of Identity
When you join Quampus community, you do not become Quampus instructor or Quampus course provider as it happens with most platform providers.

Your identity as an independent learning provider remains as before. We just become your back-end technology provider.

We give you white labeling and single sign-on (in next version) tools to reinforce your brand identity further.

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We are software technologists and education domain experts.

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.

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