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Quampus is a service offered by Ecollabs Infomix Pvt. Ltd.

Our Core Purpose

To be an innovative, end to end hosting service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers and learners.

Our Core Values

We strive to deliver value through our knowledge of the domain and strategic thinking.

Our team consists of self motivated individuals - motivated for the achievement of excellence in everything that we do. Each one of us is passionate and loves the business of ideas - as we believe ideas shape the world. Backed with functional and industry knowledge our team can address problems in a way which few can.

Our Brand Promise

To Educators - We shall be the most reliable, manageable and effective platform for design, delivery and management of all your learning services delivered to a global audience.
To Learners - We shall be the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective platform for you to access top quality learning resources - courses, programs, tools, assessments, faculty members - from around the world.


Our Leadership Team

Srikant Acharya

Founder and CEO
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Sukanta Nanda

Co-founder and CTO
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Pramod Joshi

Co-founder and CSO
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Aseem Arora

Co-founder and CCO
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Vijay Singh

Co-founder and Head of Engineering
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.... and our Advisory Team

Baba Prasad

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Kiran Bettadapur

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Mukul Jain

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Mahesh Chandra Pant

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Sanjay Kothari

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Gora Datta

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We are software technologists and education domain experts.

Our core purpose is to be an innovative, end-to-end service platform for all kinds of online learning services to a global network of learning providers, learners and all other stakeholders.

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